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(MM#008) The Adventure Thus Far: We Three Kings (Meritaaage…)

WineGarageHighlights-127Having learned in our previous vintages how hard it is to find quality grapes in small quantities (i.e. less than a ton) we figured we should start shopping around for our 2009 vintage much earlier. Thankfully we found another grower named Terry, un-related to Terry with the Foch (see MM#004), with some nice grapes on the Naramata bench. Terry happened to have two of the red varieties that (we think) consistently make some of the best reds in the Okanagan, Merlot and Cab Franc.

As Thanksgiving 2009 approached, Terry kept us up to date with the ripening progression in the vineyard. It had been a great growing season and the numbers were lining up perfectly with our planned Thanksgiving excursions to the Okanagan……………………..

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(#022) Blind Merlot Tasting….. "Sideways?"

Merlot is good! The movie Sideways did a bit of a number on it, So go buy some merlot! Read the note below the video after you watch it. I had to change things up a bit.


Wine is a crazy thing. After I finished the episode I was bothered by the Italian Merlot, so I allowed it to breath for a while and tasted it without the other wines (which were heavier bodied). I still don’t think that it is a very good wine but it is slightly better. For $20 there are a lot of wines that are much better value. I thought that it deserved a little better review. It does have some classic Italian notes etc. you can see the new review below.

See my written reviews below…

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