My Rating System


There are plenty of different wine rating systems out there. The most popular one by far is Mr. Parker’s 100pt system. But, how can we give a number to such a subjective topic? I have two basic rules with wine, #1 If you like it, drink it! (the rest will come) and #2 Don’t drink alone (people rock!) With that said I have come up with my basic wine ratings system I hope that you like it!




Pretty much amazing!


Not nearly as rare as the top two but definitely has all of the right pieces.


This is a well made, above average, and something that everyone will probably like.


This is a pretty average and approachable as far as quality, and hopefully really good value.


Below average, kinda boring, kinda disjointed and a little out of balance.


Unbalanced, could be hard to drink, lacking varietal character, or even much good flavor.


Life is too short to drink poor wine.


I beg you, dump this out, don’t take another sip or even look at it, it will haunt you in your sleep, this doesn’t even taste good if you are already gooned!

& Sometimes . . .


This is a product that nerds (like myself) find really interesting, not necessarily good or bad, simply interesting.


I don’t get it do you?



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