(MM#006) The Adventure Thus Far: Lessons In Blending

A sunny afternoon in April we popped by a local winery in Abbotsford with our first two wines to get an outside opinion. The color and the aromas of our cherry wine and the full mouth feel of our Marechal Foch pleasantly surprised our winemaker acquaintance. However, we all felt that the Cherry wine came across rather thin with no length and the Foch had those typical Fochy characteristics (wild, brambly and lacking much aroma).

With a twinkle in his eye he grabbed the bottle of Cherry and tossed a dash into his glass of Foch, leaning our way said, “Try this!” This was our first official experience with blending.

Not much later back at the Garage, four glasses of wine are lined up in a row. Taped to the underside of each glass are four different blend ratios of our Foch to Cherry: 90:10, 80:20, 70:30 & 60:40. After tasting through them several times, we were unanimous in choosing the blend of 80% Foch to 20% Cherry. The Cherry contributed light playful aromatics to the full rich body of our Foch creating a wine that tasted far more complete and balanced than its separate parts. We had de-Foch’d our Foch, creating a very Unorthodox Blend!

2 thoughts on “(MM#006) The Adventure Thus Far: Lessons In Blending

  1. Carly

    Thanks for sharing this! What kind of Cherries did you use? Was this the one we tasted at our dinner party or was it another of your superb creations?

    1. Mike R Post author

      Hey Carly, Mike R here (the other Mike). We used Bing and Sam cherries in this batch. Mike N said the wine you had at the dinner party was our more recent 2009 vintage of “We Three Kings” which is a blend of Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauv.

      ~Mike R


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