(MM#003) Introducing . . . The Wine Coop!

This post contains a great slideshow and the story of The Wine Coop so far.

As many of you now know, behind the scenes in the garage we have been making hobby wine for a number of years. Our production has slowly been increasing on us year after year. Timing couldn’t have been much better with the sale of my home and us out growing the garage. This led to a search for bigger more dedicated facility for us to continue exploring the side of the wine world that we are both so passionate about.

Around late January to early February of this year (2012) I was spending an afternoon at my parents house, when it dawned on me. The old chicken barn is still just sitting here! Rotting away, the building has been unused for a good number of years now. Immediately I asked his dad if he had any plans for it and if he cared if I brought it back to life. He didn’t hesitate long before saying, “go for it.” He no longer had any use for it and it would be such a waste to let it eventually become useless.

In the middle of February this year, after getting Mike R on board, we got started! Construction of our new wine making facility had begun. Naturally it needed a name and what is more fitting and more DEPRETENTIOUSIZED, than THE WINE COOP!

Below is a slideshow of the production so far. We will continue to post slideshows for you to keep you up to date on our progress of The Wine Coop as we get ready for the 2012 vintage.

3 thoughts on “(MM#003) Introducing . . . The Wine Coop!

    1. Mike N Post author

      Thanks Tod! We are having such a blast working on it and can’t wait until it is up and functioning! You’ll have to come by for a glass of wine when it is done.


      Mike N


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