(MM#001) The Adventure Thus Far

In 2008, long before the launch of Mike Nierychlo ONLiNE, myself and my bro-in-law Mike Rathjen began our journey into winemaking. Being two guys who are uber passionate about all things wine, it only seamed fit to deepen our knowledge of the wine world by making the stuff. Through our experiences, successes and failures so far, we have gained a huge appreciation for what goes into a great bottle of wine. We have also learned that the more we learn, the less we feel like we know.

As our journey continues we are stoked to have you follow along with us and hopefully we can all learn something along the way. Welcome to our blog:  “The Wine Adventures of Mike & Mike.”

Check out our slideshow for a brief overview of our adventure thus far.

Check back often for posts containing a more detailed history of our winemaking adventures and hints of what the future holds.

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