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JUNE 2012



2010 Summerhill, Riesling, BC (CA) SMELL: Classic German riesling nose, tons of great fruit, pears, peaches, white berries, pineapple, lemons and minerals. Well rounded aromas. TASTE: Balanced residual sweetness, with a nice balanced acidity, sweet pear & pineapple up front with a clean tart mineral driven lemon finish.  SUMMARY: GREAT+ ($20.00)

MAY 2012



2010 River Stone, Cabernet Franc, BC (CA) SMELL: Signature BC Cab Franc nose. Rich black cherries and currents, subtle hints of ground black pepper, hints of freshly ground coffee, with nice earthy green fresh vegital radish and sage aroma. TASTE: Strongly reflects the nose, big and bold, good balanced tannin, acid and fruit. SUMMARY: GREAT BC Cab Franc ($26.00)


2011 River Stone, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Pear, pineapple, green apple with green herbal Okanagan underbrush sage notes. TASTE: Apples and pineapple, savory herbal notes with a clean lemon citrus finish. Kinda reminds me of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($19.99)

APRIL 2012


MARCH 2012



2008 Celler Malondro, Besllum (SP) SMELL: Rustic old world meets new world. Bright cherries, red currents, fresh vine berries, raspberry and strawberry. Earthy, barnyard, floral, dirt, herbal, dank cellar smells. Rustic with tobacco leaf. TASTE: Super juicy with great structure. Bright acidity, bright berry flavors, fig, herbs, spices, and pepper. Ashy & smokey finish. Food friendly, pair with lamb. SUMMARY: GREAT & Great Value ($20.00)

2008 Tibaneli “Saperavi” (GE) SMELL: Fresh Plums, currents and cherries. Fresh herbs, slight tobacco, licorice and tar. TASTE: Super fresh and SO JUICY. Bright plums and currents. Earthy minerals, dirt and character. Clean acidity and structure. Amazing food wine. I Love it! SUMMARY: GOOD WINE! (Great Value!) $12 – $14




2010 Estampa, Syrah (CL) SMELL: Ground beef meaty, fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, slight green bell pepper notes, dirty tobacco leaf. TASTE: Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, black pepper, tobacco leafs and dirt. Slightly disjointed bitter green tannins. Getting what you pay for. Approachable. SUMMARY: DECENT ($14.00)

2008 Antu “Ninquen,” Syrah (CL) SMELL: So much going on. So balanced. Clean fruit, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, intricate aromas, wild violates, black ashy charcoal, slight chive/jalapeno, sweet brown sugar and vanilla. Slightly meaty cured meat aromas. TASTE: SO BALANCED! So Smooth, goes down so well. Clean creamy berry flavors. Brown sugar, vanilla, charcoal, licorice. Cured meat salami/prosciutto. Raspberry and floral flavors on the finish. This wine has all the right pieces in the right places! Great Value! SUMMARY: GREAT! ($22.00)

2010 Blasted Church, “Big Bang Theory,” BC (CA) A red blend of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Lemberger, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Syrah. SMELL: Approachable wine, tart red berry flavors. Red and black cherries, with some raspberry and strawberry. TASTE: Slightly simple which is a super fun sipper. Red cherries and currents, raspberries and strawberries, hints of cedar box and some oak characteristics like slightly vanilla and nutty.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($19.00)


2011 Cono Sur, (Organic)  Chardonnay (CL) SMELL: Smells like chardonnay, tropical, ripe apples, honey, pineapple, papaya. TASTE: Fruity, smooth, tasty, apple meets pineapple with hints of tropical flavors. Easy to drink.  Approachable. SUMMARY: Good ($15.00)

2010 De Martino, Legado Reserva, Chardonnay (CL) SMELL: Green aromas, granny smith apple. Ocean breeze over a sandy beach. Lime, slight asparagus. A lot of character. TASTE: Green apples, with butter lemon asparagus. Reminds me of a wet ocean beach. Super interesting! Pair with sea food. SUMMARY: Good ($18.00)

2010 Blasted Church, Gewurztraminer, BC (CA) SMELL: Ginger root, slightly floral, some peach, tart tree fruit, ripe apples, orange peal citrus. TASTE: Pretty nice, smooth, honeydew melon, tart crisp starfruit and green apple, with hints of orange peal and ginger. Bone dry with a clean food friendly acidity.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($17.00)

2010 Blasted Church, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Tart green apple, a little bit of earthy sage and slightly floral. TASTE: Great acidity, tart and balanced. Savory, Lemon meets tart green apple, slight sage on the finish. Fun wine, diverse for food pairings. SUMMARY: GOOD ($20.00)

2011 Caliterra, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Fruity, apple, pear, pineapple, savory minerals like limestone and gooseberries with fresh garden green pees. TASTE: Fun approachable and enjoyable, balanced fruit and acidity with savory flavors. Pear, green apple, white grape juice, gooseberry and slightly grassy. Finishes with really nice acidity. SUMMARY: GOOD ($13.00)

2011 Casillero Del Diablo, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Not all that aromatic, simple, hidden and tight. Apple, Pineapple, slightly grassy . . .   TASTE: Some apple and pineapple, a little goosberry and slightly grassy-ish. Disjointed clashing acidity and high alcohol. SUMMARY: (not good value) OK ($13.00)

2011 Santa Rita, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Green and savory meets balanced fruit. Gooseberry, sweet green peas, grassy, slight chives, apples, pears, pineapple. TASTE: Savory and floral, dandelion, grassy, green bell pepper and chive balanced with apple, pear, pineapple and slight lemon. Great food friendly acidity. Pair with seafood. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($15.00)




2007 Falernia, Carmenere, “Reserva” (CL) Grapes partially dried on the vines, crazy concentrated huge bodied wine. SMELL: Ripe huge black fruit, slight raisin or fig, slightly tart, tons of pepper and earth, slight vegital aromas, very juicy. BIG nose. TASTE: HOLY SMOKES! Huge full bodied wine, almost port-like. Bold, thick. Big black fruits, slightly peppered, slight green vegi flavors. Leathery tannins, great structure. Drink on a cold winter day.  SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($18.00)

2010 Emiliana ADOBE, Carmenere, “Reserva” (CL) SMELL: Great aromatics, delicate aromas, bright maraschino cherry, earthy, vegital, juicy, cranberry raspberry. Juicy wine. TASTE: Safe, approachable, juicy, refreshing acidity, well made, fun for all. Pair with almost anything.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($15.00)

2007 Mt. Boucherie “Summit Reserve” BC (CA) SMELL: Peppery! (Freshly Cracked Peppercorns) Red Bell pepper, Leather, earth, savory aromas. Black currents. TASTE: So Peppery, leathery, Black currents, Black Fruits, Soft Black cherry, slight dark earthy chocolate. Savory structured (slightly bitter) tannins, need more time. BIG Full Bodied Wine. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

2007 McWatters Collection, Meritage BC (CA) SMELL: Very earthy, sandy dirty gravelly minerals, floral, red fruit aromas, big round red cherries, maraschino cherry, red currents, rounded aromas, milk chocolate. TASTE: Soft mouth feel, palate has a few holes in the mid palate, slightly sweet sharp flavors up front, finishes with soft round milk chocolate and cherries, slight coffee flavors. Softer, medium+ bodied red. Very approachable wine. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

2009 RiverStone “Corner Stone” BC (CA) SMELL: Balanced pepper meets red berry fruit aromas, younger wine, cherries and currents with raspberries and strawberries. TASTE: Tons of tart berry flavors, Blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, red currents, flavorful earthy peppered dark chocolate tannins to finish. Built for time but drinking very well now. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($29.00)

2009 Louis Jadot, Beaujolais-Villages (FR) SMELL: Classic Beaujolais, bubble gum and candy. fruity, tons of berries. TASTE: Medium bodied. Nice Wine, food friendly great acidity. Berry flavors, tart blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. slightly bitter tannin. Enjoyable.  SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($20.00)

2009 Carmen (Gran Reserva) “Carmenere” (CL) SMELL: So Much Black Pepper! Dirt, Spice, Jalapeno Peppers, green bell peppers, Huge Dark Cherry. Slight Worcestershire and Smells Spicy! TASTE: Well made, balanced, Big black cherries, balanced vegital peppers, prune plums, raisins and figs, tart red currents and cranberries on the finish. SUMMARY: GREAT! ($20.00)


2008 Selbach-Oster, Riesling-Kabinett (GER) SMELL: Smells so good! (Signature German Riesling) Great Minerality, Slate, granite and wet gravel, lime, honey, bees wax, apple meets pear. TASTE: Yum, semi sweet, mouth watering, great minerality, balanced lemon lime acidity, great layers of apple and tropical fruits. SUMMARY: AWESOME ($28.00)

2009 JLOHR, Chardonnay, California (US) SMELL: Oaked in style, Vanilla, sweet & nutty, typical pineapple meets apple. TASTE: Medium bodied, balanced oak and fruit flavors. Vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, nutty, apples and pineapples with some pears. Nice solid well made wine, somewhat simple with hint of yummy sweetness. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($22.00)

2010 Synchromesh, Riesling, BC (CA) SMELL: Signature Riesling, Fresh apples, honey, gravely earthy minerality, sage, hint of pine. Tropical fruits, pineapple, guava etc. TASTE: “Not Spitting that out.” Nice balanced sweetness up front, apple juice, honey, pineapple, guava, with savory minerality on the finish. Beautiful acidity. Well balanced wine. SUMMARY: GREAT! ($30.00)


(GIB) Granville Island, “Lions Winter Ale” BC (CA) SMELL:
Butterscotch, malty caramel, Orange pekoe tea, slight spice, and nutty peanut
brittle. TASTE: Nice beer, safe and approachable, nutty, slight caramel and
malt, seasonal winter spices, orange pekoe tea finish. SUMMARY: GOOD
($12.oo / 6 pack)

Tree Brewing, “Verticle Winter Ale” BC (CA) SMELL: Sweet
creamy vanilla hints, caramel, malt, spice, subtle aromas. TASTE: Subtle
flavors, safe, slight flavors of butterscotch and malt, tart hopped vanilla bean
finish. SUMMARY: GOOD- ($12.00 / 6 pack)

Lost Coast Brewing, “WinterBraun” (US) Awesome Packaging! SMELL: Malted, Coffee
and tea aromas, dark beer, vanilla bean, slight milk chocolate, rich complex
aromas. TASTE: Very creamy, drinks nice, rich, roasty toasty, coffee, caramel,
malt, chocolate, hints of spice, balanced vanilla bitterness on the finish.
SUMMARY: GREAT ($4.75 / 650ml)




2010 PoloSur, Cabernet Sauvignon, (AG) SMELL: Black cherry, raspberry, strawberry, spiced oak, nutty, cocoa.  TASTE: Juicy, Piles of Black cherry juice, clean acidity, raspberry, strawberry, simple oak spice, slightly green bell pepper. Great, fun, juicy, approachable party wine.   SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($13.00)

2007 Las Perdices, Malbec (Blend) “Reserva” (AG) SMELL: Interesting nose! Leather, dirt. Juicy blackberry, blueberry and black current, fresh cream, earthy, soft round coffee bean. TASTE: Juicy berries, blackberry’s,  blueberries, currents. Creamy mid palate. Coffee, earthy. Good flavorful green savory tobacco leaf coffee tannin. Built for time. Solid Wine. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($30.00)




2009 Las Perdices, Malbec (AG) SMELL: Smells Juicy, wild berry, blackberry and raspberry jam. TASTE: Juicy berries up front . . . a lot of kinda bitter tannin, stemmy, acidic, over oaked, kinda woody, pretty unbalanced.  SUMMARY: AWKWARD ($16.00)


2010 Las Perdices, Sauvignon Blanc (AG) SMELL: Piles of lemongrass, slightly floral, melon, starfruit and kiwi. TASTE: Lemon, Kiwi, lemongrass, A bit of a hole in the mid palate, tropical banana and guava finish. Good acidity.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($16.00)

2009 Quails Gate, “Dry Riesling” BC (CA) SMELL: Classic Riesling nose (German esk) Intense minerality, some sage and earth, neat honey, pear and melon. TASTE: Subtle hint of sweetness, crisp mouth watering acidity. Stone fruit (peach or nectarine), great minerality! slightly floral starfruit and lemon finish. Super good value! SUMMARY: GREAT ($17.00)

2010 Quails Gate, “Chenin Blanc” BC (CA) SMELL: Hidden aromatics, starfruit, banana, honeydew melon, honey. Ripe greenish fruits. TASTE: Lots of flavor, tons of lemon lime (like Sprite) hints of banana and honey. Racing acidity! Simple fun sipper. SUMMARY: GOOD ($19.00)

2009 Quails Gate, “Chardonnay” BC (CA) SMELL: OAK! Honey, spice, pinacolada, vanilla. Melon, pineapple, apple. TASTE: Full bodied, creamy. A lot of oak, nutty, coconut, almond vanilla, spice. Pineapple and apple. Well made oaked style of Chard. SUMMARY: GOOD ($20.00)

JULY 2011



2008 Le Vieux Pin, Syrah, BC (CA) SMELL: Neat nose, plums and red currents, floral fresh cut violets, turkey jerky, ash and smoke. TASTE: Currents, plums, ash, floral, bright tart acidity, with tea and dark chocolate tannin, this wine is built for time, will really improve with time! SUMMARY: GOOD – GREAT now . . . Going to be AWESOME with time. ($45.00)


2010 Gray Monk, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Herbal, sage, lemon peel, banana, ripe apple, ripe green tropical fruits, slight grapefruit. TASTE: Juicy wine, makes me want more, lemon with lime, hints of banana and grapefruit, slight peach. tart acidity and minerality. Balanced and approachable. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($17.00)

2010 Gray Monk, Pinot Auxerrois, BC (CA) SMELL: Interesting nose, lime and kiwi, sweet rhubarb, slight peach, a little floral, subtle hints of grassiness. TASTE: Light bodied, subtle and intricate. Juicy, lime and kiwi with honey. Slight lemon and melon, minerality and grassy on the finish. SUMMARY: GOOD & INTERESTING ($17.00)

2010 Bartier ScholeField “BS” White. BC (CA) SMELL: Lemon zest, granny smith apple, sage, hints of pine and grapefruit. TASTE: Juicy, Granny smith apple, great mineral flavors, hints of peach and grapefruit, with some lemon and dandelion. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

2010 Le Vieux Pin, Sauvignon Blanc, BC (CA) SMELL: Super aromatic, tropical pineapple and guava, with green kiwi apple and lime. Some honey / bees wax. Great wet stone minerality, hints of fresh sage TASTE: Really GOOD! Tells a story in my mouth, lime citrus and tropical with spice, apple and kiwi. Honey, spice and minerality with sage on the finish.  SUMMARY: AWESOME ($45.00)

2010 Laughing Stock, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Green fruits, lime, kiwi, granny smith apple. Green apple jolly rancher. Subtle hints of green tropical fruits like under ripe banana. TASTE: Honey meets freshly picked green apple. Lime and kiwi. Great savory acidic backbone. Green banana on the finish. Tiny hint of sweetness. SUMMARY: GREAT ($20.00)

2010 Laughing Stock, Viognier, BC (CA) SMELL: Beautiful sweet floral notes, lilac. Honey dew melon. TASTE: Medium bodied, smooth and soft. Bright and tart entrance, and slightly sweet. Smooth and creamy through the mid palate. Honey dew melon, citrus like orange peel or grapefruit with a lilac floral finish.   SUMMARY: GOOD ($26.00)

2010 Laughing Stock “Blind Trust” BC (CA) SMELL: Citrus meets apple. Lemon zest and crisp red apple, hints of banana. TASTE: Bone dry, apple meets lemon citrus and hints of pineapple. A little bit of tropical notes banana, melon, and star fruit. Solid. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)


2010 Bartier ScholeField “BS” Rose. BC (CA) SMELL: Cranberry and pomegranate, hints of raspberry, slightly floral and peachy with hints of fresh watermelon. TASTE: Bright and Juicy, savory, pomegranate, slight peach and watermelon. hints of sage on finish. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)


2010 La Stella, “Muscato d’ Osoyoos,” BC (CA) SMELL: Icing sugar, peaches, pears, floral, pineapple, tropical fruit platter, fresh cream, hints of strawberry. TASTE: Subtle delicate fizz, balanced slight sweetness, pina colada, pears, peaches, vanilla cream, tropical flavors, citrus, clean dry acidity.  SUMMARY: GREAT (yummy!) ($20.00)

2010 The View, “Optima” Botrytis, BC (CA) SMELL: In your face, beez wax, honey, apricot, figs, raisin, tons of lemon, spiced burnt butterscotch. TASTE: Simpler than the nose, apricot, banana and lemon citrus, hints of something nutty, pistachio or macadamia. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($26.00)

JUNE 2011



2010 RiverStone, Pinot Gris, BC (CA)SMELL: Apple, Kiwi, Hints of Pear and Pineapple, slightly floral with a bit of spice. TASTE: Balanced, medium bodied, Apple Kiwi, slightly tropical starfruit, Crazy long finish of flowers and ginger. Fun Wine. SUMMARY: GREAT ($20.00)

2009 Cupcake Vineyards, Chardonnay (US) SMELL: Melon Cantaloupe, Pineapple, apple and a little lime. Subtle Oak, coconut, butterscotch. TASTE: Melon, Pineapple, hint of apple, a little disjointed, some bitter / sour rind flavors… Bees wax, hints of honey. Short wine finish. Hints at yummy residual sweetness. Fun casual party wine.  SUMMARY: OK (not great value) ($15.00)


2010 RiverStone, Malbec (Rose), BC (CA) SOOOO PINK! SMELL: Canned Maraschino Cherry and watermelon, meets red berry fruits.  TASTE: Interesting rose! Cherry, good minerality, rhubarb meets watermelon. SUMMARY: GOOD ($20.00)


2009 RiverStone, Cabernet Franc, BC (CA) WOW! SMELL: Great nose. Big Black fruits, Black currents, Black Cherry, tobacco leaf, coffee bean, earth, pepper. TASTE: Balanced great Black fruits like black currents with earthy dark chocolate, coffee bean, radishes, root vegetables,  peppered leather tannins. Slightly young now, such great potential. SUMMARY: GREAT+ ($26.00)

2008 Cupcake Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon (US) SMELL: Simple Cab Sauv, Cherry skin, currents, green bell pepper, peppered meat.  TASTE: Cherries, black currents, some green bell pepper. Peppered back end, strong tannic backbone for strength.  SUMMARY: OK (not great value) ($15.00)

2009 Black Hills “Alibi” BC (CA) Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. SMELL: HONEY! Banana, Honeydew Melon, lemon lime citrus. TASTE: mmmm, delicious, very savory, lemon tartness, banana meets melon, subtle creaminess, with super fresh acidity. Awesome long finish. Sea food wine! SUMMARY: GREAT ($30.00)

2009 Black Hills “Nota Bene” BC (CA) Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. SMELL: Pile of Black currents, Ash, chard wood, hint of minerality, coffee bean meets earth and dirt, some pepper, hint of meat, slightly green herbs. TASTE: Nice Wine, drinking rather well right now. Tons of Black currents, cherry skin, So much licorice, some ash and earth.  Great coffee meets chocolate tannins and finish.  SUMMARY: GREAT ($60.00)

MAY 2011



2009 Vista Doro, Marechel Foch. BC (CA) Crazy inky purple in color. SMELL: BIG FRUITS! Plum, black raspberry, black cherry, black fruit, vanilla bean. Coffee/toffee, subtle savory pepper.  TASTE: BIG JUICY WINE. Full of big black fruits! Plums, cherry liquor, blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry. FRUIT FORWARD.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($23.00)

2008 Vista Doro “Murphy’s Law.” BC (CA) Blend of Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. SMELL: So Savory, Roast beef, brambly blackberry, hint of blueberry, subtle black current, savory and peppered spice.  TASTE: Savory, great subtle fruit flavors, blackberry, cranberry meets red currents. Tart and balanced acidity. Food wine! SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($26.00)


2008 The View, Pinotage, BC (CA) SMELL: Tart cranberry and raspberry, radish and celery stalks, subtle hints of weird funk.  TASTE: Bright tart racing wine, Cranberry and Raspberry cocktail, with a  green savory finish. Hint of dirty minerality.  SUMMARY: DECENT / INTERESTING ($20.00)

2009 The View “Red Shoe” BC (CA) Blend Merlot with Pinotage SMELL: Black cherry JAM! Some vanilla bean and oak spice. Subtle hints of cranberry and raspberry, hints of dirt.  TASTE: Super JUICY black cherry JAM! some cranberry, with vanilla bean oak and some nuttiness. Approachable, and unoffensive. SUMMARY: DECENT ($15.00)

2008 Nichol Vineyards. Pinot Noir, BC (CA) SMELL: Whoa. . . Beautiful, floral, bright cherry, damp forest dirt, great minerality, slightly vegital, great red berry fruit, clean discrete oak.  TASTE: Clean, red berry’s vegital, dirt/earth, elegant mouth feel, nicely fresh tea structured finish. SUMMARY: GREAT! ($27.00)

2008 Nichol Vineyards, Syrah, BC (CA) SMELL: Floral, purple violets, blackberry’s, charcoal/ash, tons of fruit, purple plum, black bitter currents, pepper, and MEAT.  TASTE: Such balanced mouth feel, clean, purple fruit, with ash and farmer sausage meat, clean brambly tannins, loooong finish. SUMMARY: GREAT+ ($30.00)

2008 Columbia Crest “two vines” Cabernet Sauvignon (US) SMELL: Dark cherry and black currents, hint of spice or pepper, some earth. (dirt)  TASTE: Simple sipper, Black cherries, currents, green pepper, nicely integrated oak. hints of caramel butterscotch and coffee.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($14.00)


2010 The View, Riesling, BC (CA) SMELL: Honey, Granny smith apple, lime, good minerality, pineapple.  TASTE: Complete palate, good acidity, honey, apple, lime and pineapple with a mineral and racing lemon finish.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($18.00)

2010 The View, Gewurztraminer, BC (CA) SMELL: Very Aromatic, tons of gooseberry, lychee, floral and pineapple. TASTE: Pineapple, gooseberry, minerality, lychee, floral. Balanced subtle hint of sweetness. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($17.00)

2010 Nichol Vineyard, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Elegant, Green apple, lemon lime acidity, with peach, gooseberry, and fresh strawberry. Great minerality, hint savory, kinda like sage.  TASTE: Clean, apple, pineapple, peach, gooseberry, strawberry, balanced mouth feel great acidity on the finish. Well made!   SUMMARY: GREAT ($20.00)

2010 Carmen Reserva “Sauvignon Blanc” (CL) SMELL: Bright tropical fruit, pear, apple, papaya, pineapple, green bell pepper meets chives.  TASTE: Balanced, nice minerality, savory, very tropical, papaya meets guava and pineapple, with a hint of green.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($14.00)

2010 Haywire, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) Smell: Depth and character, starfruit, yellow citrus, lemon, banana peal, papaya, slight kiwi, sage spice, great minerality.  Taste: Holy smokes! Good wine, savory round and complete, creamy mouth feel, balanced acidity. Starfruit meets lemon zest with some tropical banana and pineapple. Summary: GREAT ($23.00)

2009 Township 7 “Un-Oaked” Chardonnay, BC (CA) SMELL: Honeydew melon, starfruit, lime citrus, pineapple, hint of spice,  TASTE: Bright, citrus forward, lime, melon, green apple, pineapple, balanced acidity with a creamy mouth feel. SUMMARY: GOOD ($20.00) 2009

Township 7 Chardonnay, BC (CA) SMELL: Melon, Lemon, pineapple, apple, balanced oak, vanilla, spice, almond paste. TASTE: Lemon, melon, pineapple, green applealmond paste, pie crust, hint of tropical fruit finish . . mango. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)


2010 Haywire, Gamay Noir “Rose”, BC (CA) Smell: Watermelon, raspberry, cranberrym honeydew, some strawberry, jolley ranchers, subtle hint of sage. Taste: Solid wine, hint of mouth watering juiciness, savory minerality, raspberry’s and watermelon. Summary: GOOD+ ($21.00)


2010 The View “Distraction Frizzante(Pink) Sparkling, BC (CA) SMELL: Honey, Granny smith apple meets lime, savory, pomegranate, strawberry’s.  TASTE: Honey, apple, pineapple, lime, and red fruit, pomegranate, strawberry and rhubarb. Hint of yummy sweetness.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($19.00)

APRIL 2011



2008 Da Vinci “Chianti” (IT)NOSE: Bright fruit, fresh plum, strawberry, red cherries, nice citrus notes, earthy barnyard (strolling trough a farm)  PALATE: Savory, bright fruit, plum etc. food friendly acidity, smooth.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($17.00)

2008 Black Hills “Nota Bene” BC (CA) NOSE: Smoke, smoked pepper, sage meets green bell pepper, rich black cherry, great peppered spice. PALATE: Spiced, big cherries, black currents, vanilla bean finish, silky tannins, clean mouth feel. SUMMARY: GREAT! ($53.00)

2008 Fairview Cellars “The Bear” BC (CA) NOSE: Plum liqueur, dirt, round cherries, dark chocolate, light earthy peppered spice  PALATE: Plums, round cherries, dark chocolate, coffee bean, light bell pepper spice, clean tasty tannins. Good age-ability.  SUMMARY: GREAT! ($35.00)


2009 Innocent Bystander “Pink Moscato” Sparkling (AU) NOSE: Peach strawberry mouse, creamy, icing sugar. PALATE: Balanced sweetness, fine bubbles (fizz) Strawberry’s peaches, icing sugar. so good! SUMMARY: GOOD ($13.00)

2007 Chartau Partarrieu “Sauternes” (FR) NOSE: Honey, pineapple, apricot, peach, slight funk. PALATE: Hint of funk (interesting character) Honey, apricot, with lemon tang. Good acidity! SUMMARY: GOOD ($22.00)

N/V Pellegrino, “Fine” Marsala (IT) NOSE: Dried fruit, fig raisin, salted almond, walnut. PALATE: Nutty, coffee, tea, walnut, fig/raisin, slightly salted savory notes. SUMMARY: GOOD ($26.00)

2007 Staff Winery “Riesling” Icewine (CA)NOSE: Apricot, orange peel, pineapple, hints of honey and pear. Nice nose  PALATE: Delicious, lemon loaf, orange peel, honey and pineapple, balanced acidity. SUMMARY: GREAT + ($50.00 / 375ml)

2009 SouthBrook “Vidal” Icewine (CA) NOSE: Hints of apricot, screaming apples and pears, some honey and spice.  PALATE: So Juicy, apple juice (juice boxes) tons of flavor, subtle apricot, slight apple cake, hint of something tough to describe, interesting, biodynamic.  SUMMARY: Great ($27.00 / 200ml)

2007 Reif Estates “Vidal” Icewine (CA) Rich Golden Color. NOSE: Classic Icewine, Extreme apricots and honey, hint of fresh orange juice. PALATE: Apricot, pulpy freshly squeezed orange juice finish, pineapple, apple pastry. and some spice. Really sweet.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($25.00 / 200ml)

2007 Pillitteri Estates, Chardonnay Icewine (CA)NOSE: Elegant deep dried apricot, guava, floral, lychee, hint of spice.  PALATE: Sweet apricot and orange peal, with a clean acidity and a great lemon lychee spice.  SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($35.00 / 200ml)

2006 Pillitteri Estates, Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine (CA)NOSE: Says Cab Sauv, so much spice, big ripe red cherries, raspberry, strawberry and plum, oak spice, silky structured tannin.  PALATE: So much character, light finessed mouth feel, plum meets roadside black cherries, rose petal, hint of nutmeg spice, and some vanilla bean.  SUMMARY: AWESOME ($60.00 / 375ml)


TSINGTAO (CN) NOSE: Green Lemon citrus, slightly floral, and hoppy. PALATE: Kinda floral, fresh butter, ginger, slight rice sake finish.  SUMMARY: DECENT + ($12.00 / 6 pack)

YANJING “Lager” (CN) NOSE: Lemon meets Banana peal hinting hops. PALATE: Light Lemon/Banana peal, sour dough bread, soft almost sake rice grain finish.  SUMMARY: DECENT ($12.00 / 6 pack)

Granville Island Brewery GIB “Imperial IPA” (CA) NOSE: Malt, Orange peel, bitter orange zest, candied apple.  PALATE: Candied caramel apple, orange peel, soft mouth feel, hint of bread dough.   SUMMARY: GOOD  ($5.00 / 650ml)

Mt. Begbie Brewery “Nasty Habbit IPA” (CA) NOSE: Bright bitterness, spiced citrus, orange peel, salted lime, honey and melon, buttered toast. Neat Nose. PALATE: Mmmm, Buttered bread, honey with orange and lime with some bitter hops and lime.  SUMMARY: GOOD+  ($5.30 / 650ml)

March 2011



2006 Sabor Real “Tempranillo” (ES) NOSE: Briney, tons of plum and red fruits, great earthiness, dirt, Big fat Black cherries. PALATE: Dark Plums, smooth black and red cherries, hint of pepper and mushrooms, full and complete, great malted dark chocolate finish. Old world with a hint of new world.  SUMMARY: GOOD! ( $17.00)

2008 Painted Rock, Merlot (CA) NOSE: Fresh Roadside Black Cherries, slight roast beef meatiness.  PALATE: Not goopy, great mouth feel, Fresh Black cherries, Fig, clean tea tannin, complete. SUMMARY: GOOD Wine, Will be GREAT with time.

2008 Painted Rock, Cabernet Sauvignon (CA) NOSE: Interesting, tons of black fruit, Plums and raisins, green jalapeno pepper.  PALATE: Great acidic bright black fruit. Raisined plums, black currents. Balanced tannin and acidity.  SUMMARY: GOOD Wine, so stoked for aging potential.

2008 Painted Rock, Syrah (CA) NOSE: Walked into a garden center, so floral. Tulips and violets etc. Hint of good prosciutto and pepper.  PALATE: Floral, nice mouth feel, blackberries, pepper and prosciutto, nice tannic backbone.  SUMMARY: GOOD Wine, going to age so well.


2009 Averill Creek “Pinot Grigio” BC (CA) NOSE: Apple Crisp, green apple, lime zest, slightly bready, kinda like still champagne.  PALATE: Bright, green apple meets pear, tart acidity, mouth drying,   SUMMARY: GOOD ($18.00)

2010 Graffigna “Pinot Grigio” (AG) NOSE: Soft tropical fruit, papaya, pineapple, some peach and slightly floral.  PALATE: Crisp, clean, peaches, papaya, fresh pineapple, floral, savory.  SUMMARY: AMAZING VALUE! ($12.00)


2006 RollingDale “Portage” BC (CA) NOSE: Super Sweet, raspberry strawberry jam, a lot of sugar, Cherry skin, Bright.   PALATE: Black Current JAM!, Hint of black coffee, very syrupy, a bit too sweet.  SUMMARY: OK ($70.00)

2006 Sumac Ridge “Pipe” BC (CA) NOSE: Rich Spice, walnut, macadamia nut liquor, dark chocolate.  PALATE: Interesting, tart, acidic, earthy, slight tannin. Could use more age. Has neat potential.  SUMMARY: Interesting ($30.00)

N/V Rivers Bend “Indego” BC (CA) NOSE: Whoa . . . loaded with grape jelly and spice. PALATE: Different, slightly disjointed, chocolate and coffee grounds with grapes and hazelnuts. Kinda simple. SUMMARY: OK ($25.00)

N/V Blandy’s “Duke of Clarence” Madeira (PT) NOSE: Mmmmm, Walnuts, almond skin, chocolate, toffee, butterscotch.  PALATE: Balanced sweetness, fresh almonds and hazelnut, Butterscotch action, dark chocolate.  SUMMARY: GREAT! ( $28.00)


2008 Elephant Island “Pink Elephant” Sparkling, BC (CA) NOSE: Granny smith apple, red currents, strawberry, tart red berries. PALATE: Yummy, bright, tart, very refreshing. Cranberry, apples, and tart raspberry. Big bubbles, simply fun. SUMMARY:  GOOD ($25.00)

N/V Summerhill “Cipes” Sparkling Pinot Noir, BC (CA) NOSE: Interesting earthiness, red fruit with a hint of funk, slightly gamy, strawberry. PALATE: Bright acidity, strawberry, hint of red apple, slightly bready. fun and simple sipper. SUMMARY:  GOOD ($30.00)

February 2011



2008 La Stella Fortissimo (CA) NOSE: Peppered green spice, tons of red cherry, raisin, fig, vegital, hint of cinnamon. PALATE: Big Wine but not goopy, clean, spiced pepper, soft fig, tons of big savory fruit, young tannin, great acidity. Food friendly. SUMMARY: GREAT ($35.00)

2008 Le Vieux Pin “Adieu” Pinot Noir (CA) NOSE: Interesting, fruit driven, cranberry with red cherries spiced with radish and carrot leaf.  PALATE: Great flavor, cranberry, raspberry, vegital spices, rusty bucket, radish, earthy character. Slightly bitter tannin. Bright tart acidic finish.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($35.00)


Tree Brewing “Cutthroat” Pale Ale (CA) NOSE: Bright orange peal, lemon peal, floral, slight bitter hops. PALATE: Tart grapefruit, orange / lemon peal, slightly bitter hops and floral finish. SUMMARY: Good Beer ( $12.00 / 6 pack)

Vancouver Island Brewery “Piper’s” Pale Ale (CA) NOSE: Some depth, roasted malt, slight tea, bread.  PALATE: Smooth, soft, Rye bread, roasted malt, almost frosted malt.  SUMMARY: Good Beer ( $12.00 / 6 pack)

Russell “Extra Special” Lager (CA) NOSE: Light, soft floral with orange/lemon rind, slightly sour.  PALATE: Soft and smooth, slightly smooth, lemon rind, with a hint of bitterness on the finish.  SUMMARY: Good Simple Sipper ($11.50 /6 pack)

NatureLand “Organic” Lager (CA) NOSE: Aromatic, Floral slight lychee, dandelion petal, hint of apple, pear rind.  PALATE: Soft, a little disappointing, kinda watery.  SUMMARY: OK  ($11.50 / 6 pack)

January 2011



2007 Southbrook Chardonnay (CA – ONT) Rich golden color. NOSE: Honey, Banana Icing sugar (marshmallow bananas), some funk action, apple cider. Great Interesting Nose. PALATE: Savory, less character than the nose, slightly brine, soft acidity, full rich mouth feel similar to semillon.  SUMMARY: SO INTERESTING! ($22.00)

2009 Pillitteri Estates, Sauvignon Blanc (CA – ONT) NOSE: Balanced, citrus action, green peas, pineapple, lemon. PALATE: Racing acidity, lemon aid stand and fresh green peas. Balanced and super fresh.  SUMMARY: NICE WINE ($18.00)

2009 Palatine Hills Sauvignon Blanc (CA – ONT) NOSE: Balanced, citrus lemon lime, kiwi, lots of gooseberry, hints of pear and starfruit. Subtle vegital, snow peas.  PALATE: Tons of starfruit, gooseberry, and kiwi. Super Fresh. Hint of fresh cream vanilla. Nice gooseberry finish.  SUMMARY: Really Nice ($16.00)

2009 Hillebrand “Truis” Sauvignon Blanc (CA – ONT) NOSE: Green apple, pear, kiwi, gooseberry, slight chives or fresh green pea  PALATE: Gooseberry, pear and green apple, lime, kiwi. Green citrus fruits. Hint of green chive. SUMMARY: GOOD ($14.00)


2007 Pillitteri Estates, Cabernet Franc (CA – ONT) NOSE: Neat smoke and pepper, tobacco, cedar cigar box, peppered black cherry skin, with a hint of earth. PALATE: Savory, great acidity, oak spice, pepper, earthy, cedar, bright black cherry, not jammy. Subtle and smooth. SUMMARY: GOOD SIPPER! ($20.00)

2006 Glorioso, Rioja, Crianza (ES) NOSE: Youthful, fresh bright red fruits. Red cherry, currents. Some earthiness, beats, radishes, and a hint of tomato. PALATE: Juicy! Savory, Briney. Flavorful bright red fruits, balanced acidity. Clean subtle tannin  SUMMARY: Approachable, youthful and delicious. ($17.00)

2004 Faustino V, Rioja Reserva (ES) NOSE: Earthy, rusty bucket, antique store, sauerkraut, vanilla and dirt. Cranberry, strawberry, and slight raspberry , pomegranate. PALATE: Very old world. Super Savory. Cranberry, strawberry,  pomegranate, dirt, vanilla, sauerkraut, barnyard. Great acidic food friendly back bone. Serve with Lamb!  SUMMARY: Classic, Very Rustic Old World Rioja. ($25.00)

2005 Beronia Rioja, Reserva (ES) NOSE: dewy morning in the vegetable garden, radish, cranberry, cherry, rusty bucket, pepper, and antique shop. PALATE: Cranberry, grape, cherry, pepper, very savory, radish, raisin or fig, soft palate, perfect tannins. Great floral finish, old world in style.  SUMMARY: GOOD Wine! ($24.00)

December 2010



2009 Baillie Grohman, Pinot Noir (BC) NOSE: Hidden fruit, overshadowed by oak, vanilla, butterscotch, slight black current and pomegranate.  PALATE: Spice. . . Oak! Elegant oak flavors, kinda condescending on the pinot, some black current. SUMMARY: Ok ($24.99)

2007 Summerhill Merlot (BC) NOSE: Black cherry jam, earthy, smoked tar, tobacco leaf.  PALATE: Smooth, lots of character, ash, vegital, plum and currents. SUMMARY: SO GOOD!! ($30.00)

2008 “The Musician” Cab/Shiraz By Majella (AU) NOSE: Black fruit! Blackberrys and tons of black current, hint of peppered earthy spice and some vanilla notes. PALATE: Black currents, spice, jam, hint of vanilla oak. Great wine on its own. SUMMARY: Enjoyable Sipper  $20.00

2009 Bleasdale “Second Innings” Malbec (AU) NOSE: Loaded with berries and red fruit, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, red current, hint of spice and chocolate. PALATE: Crazy berry medley. Spiced cinnamon / nutmeg and chocolate.  SUMMARY: Berry Good   $20.00


2009 Baillie Grohman, Blanc De Noirs (BC) NOSE: Red berry medley, ripe strawberry, red current, raspberry, and watermelon. PALATE: Fairly sweet, berry medley, strawberry watermelon, soft, hint of spice. Pretty simple.  SUMMARY: Fun Simple Sipper ($19.99)


2009 Baillie Grohman, Pinot Gris (BC) NOSE: Classic to variety, apple, kiwi, honeydew, classic green fruits. PALATE: Slight spice, balanced, kiwi and honeydew melon, lemon citrus finish. SUMMARY: Solid ($21.99)

2009 Baillie Grohman, Gewurztraminer (BC) NOSE:Classic to variety, lychee, icing sugar, peach and starfruit / grapefruit.  PALATE: Hint of sweetnes, lychee, peach, quite floral, nice ginger finish. Lacking a hint of acidity. SUMMARY: Decent ($19.99)

2009 Black Hills Viognier (BC) NOSE: Tropical, pineapple, papaya, slightly herbaceous, hint of grapefruit citrus. PALATE: Round silky smooth texture, full bodied, tropical, honey, oily, ginger ginger spice. SUMMARY: GREAT!!! ($30.00)

2008 Yalumba “Y Series” Viognier (AU) NOSE: Floral dandy lion, honey, bees wax, lime, green melon PALETE: Savory, oily, starfruit, grapefruit, green olive (like a martini) SUMMARY: Classic, Enjoyable  $16.00

2008 Cooralook Chardonnay (AU) NOSE: Coconut/almond, spice, baked apple and pair cobbler. PALATE: Balanced, coconut/almond, baked apple/pair, and slight lemon/lime.  SUMMARY: Nice  $16.00


N/V Henkell Trocken “Dry Sec” (DE) NOSE: Bread Basket, granny smith apple, pistachio nut   PALATE: Dry in style, nice nuttiness, pistachio and walnut, grape juice, huge bubbles. SUMMARY: Decent, Typical.

N/V Freixenet Cava “Carta Navada”(ES) NOSE: Fresh cream, pear, hint of fresh bread. PALATE: Briney, medium bubbles, cream and apple pear. SUMMARY: Pretty Good.

N/V Martini Asti (IT) NOSE: Sweet, fresh cream, icing sugar, peach, papaya, slight appricot.  PALATE: Sweet, Peach, pear and appricot. Not a lot of bubbles.  SUMMARY: Simple and Fun

2009 Innocent Bystander “Moscato” (AU) NOSE: Beautiful, balanced sweetness, peach, strawberry, raspberry, cherry. Red fruits, and slightly floral. PALATE: Thin nice bubbles, tons of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, clean tart cranberry finish. Hint of tannin.  SUMMARY: So Good!


Granville Island “Imperial Chocolate Stout” (BC) NOSE: Tons of malt, dark chocolate, and spice.  PALATE: Very rich, Super Creamy and smooth, dark chocolate cream, not artificial tasting, hints of coffee.  SUMMARY: NICE BEER ($5.75 / 650ml)

November 2010



2008 Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc (BC) NOSE: Pepper and spice, Italian sausage, green bell pepper, black cherry, strawberry, and a hint of cocoa. PALATE: Vegital pepper, complete, balanced, radish, cocoa, dirt, cherries, strawberries, tons of flavor, Pair with Pizza. SUMMARY: GOOD (89 pts) $18.00

2008 Tantalus Pinot Noir (BC) NOSE: Cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate, Raisin/Fig, sweetened spice like Christmas cake.  PALATE: Creamy, smooth, balanced, fig and spice with a cranberry finish, nice tannins.  SUMMARY: Really Good! (90 pts) $30.00


2009 Averill Creek Gewurztraminer (BC) NOSE: very aromatic, perfume, floral rose petal, lychee, hint of banana  PALATE: Bone dry but full of flavor, lychee, tropical papaya, lime/starfruit finish. Pair with spicy foods, Indian Thia etc. SUMMARY: Great, Very Balanced (90.5 pts) $18.00

2009 Road 13 “JackPot” Riesling (BC) NOSE: Bright citrus, star fruit, banana peal, lemon pudding.  PALATE: Nice bright acidity, fuller body with a hint of delicacy, briefly jumps over mid palate. Great finish and acidity. SUMMARY: Solid (88.5 pts) $30.00

2009 Road 13 Viognier, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc (BC) NOSE: Melon honeydew, soft honey, balanced citrus and melon. PALATE: Bright tart citrusy, slightly oily, melon, hint of banana peal. SUMMARY: Pretty Good (88 pts) $23.00

October 2010



2007 Louis Jadot Bourgogne (FR) NOSE: Great nose, fresh and savory, rusty bucket, brown earth, vegital, radish and root vegetables, dried cranberry, red current.  PALATE: Great balanced flavorful tannin structure, root vegetables, cranberry, red currents. Would pair awesome with thanksgiving dinner.  SUMMARY: Really Good! (89,5 pts) $27.00


2008 Jaffelin Bourgogne Aligote (FR) NOSE: Interesting lemon / banana peal, lemon pudding softness, melon. PALATE: Bright acidity, mouth watering acidity, lemon pudding, some melon, pretty simple, ok lemon finish. SUMMARY: Decent Aligote Example (86 pts) $18.00

2009 Loron & Fils “Montvallon” Bourgogne Blanc (FR) NOSE: Great minerality, wet gravely limestone. Bright citrus acidity.  PALATE: Such good minerality, very fresh, lime/apple/pear, with a slight hint of bread dough, with a savory brine finesse. Pair with seafood, salad, blue cheese, goat cheese. SUMMARY: Very Nice (88.5 pts) $17.00

September 2010



2008 Twisted Tree Viognier Rousanne (BC) NOSE: Great Nose, Honey, honeydew melon, savory brine.  PALATE: Honeydew melon, honey, tart and floral, very savory, beautiful acidity on the finish. Super food friendly, enjoy with Greek food (Calamari) , or turkey dinner, could even hold up to salami.  SUMMARY: So Good (89.5 pts) $23.00

2009 Desert Hills Cactus Series White (BC) NOSE: Lemon jolley rancher, banana peal, grapefruit rind, somewhat artificial, pine?, soapy? missing fruit and brightness. PALATE: green floral, lemonish, disjointed, lacking acidity  SUMMARY: Avoid (78 pts) $15.00

2009 Haywire “Pinot Gris” (BC) NOSE: Great aromatics, floral, clove, slight ginger, peach, granny smith apple.  PALATE: Nice bright tart acidity, hint of sweetness, slightly hollow mid palate, nice length, apple. Pair with spicy Thia or Indian food.  SUMMARY: I Like it! (86.5 pts) $23.00


2008 Arrowleaf First Crush Red (BC) NOSE: Juicy, cranberry, raspberry, chalky, kinda young   PALATE: Juicy like juice, flabby, bright red fruits, a bit watery, lacking flavor in the tannin, not a lot of length, simple and easy. SUMMARY: Not Great (79.5 pts) $15.00

2008 Erath Pinot Noir (US) Looks like pinot noir, delicate and light in color. NOSE: Bright red fruits and berries, cherries, raspberry’s, red currents, slight tea bag.  PALATE: Bright, juicy, new world in style, great acidity, raspberry, red fruits, subtle tree bark tannin, leaves your mouth wanting more.  SUMMARY: Fun and Approachable (86.5 pts) $36.00




2008 Rollingdale “Organic” Merlot (BC) NOSE: Bright wine, tart strawberry, cranberry, cherry liqueur, dark chocolate.  PALATE: Balance, bright acidity, juicy, strawberry, cranberry, chocolate, vanilla, coconut.  SUMMARY: Good Stuff  (88.5 pts) $26.00


2009 MAN Vintners “Chenin Blanc” (ZA) NOSE: Tropical / Stone fruit, great minerality, soft rubber hose, guava, papaya and pear. PALATE: Bright, slightly hot, slightly sweet icing sugar and minerality, soft tropical flavors SUMMARY: NICE Sipper (84 pts) $12.00

2008 Domaine Le Clos Du Bourg “Chinin” (FR) NOSE: Subtle, Great wet sandstone minerality, apple, pear. PALATE: Elegant, balanced sweetness, pear, tree fruit, clean minerality, light acidity.  SUMMARY: Elegant and Intriguing (86 pts) $15.00

2009 Road 13 “Honest John’s White” (BC) NOSE: Soft honey, peach, apricot, star fruit, hint of lemon. PALATE: Creamed honey, slightly sweet, apricot, pineapple, bright grapefruit/starfruit acidity. Serve with sea food  SUMMARY: Nice, Interesting (86 pts) $17.00

2009 Quails Gate “Chasselas, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris” (BC) NOSE: Great minerality, slight kiwi, some pear, tropical fruit, papaya.  PALATE: Light body, clean bright freshness, tropical fruit, pineapple, papaya, hint of starfruit. Serve with cheese or white pasta sauce.  SUMMARY: Nice summer sipper (85.5 pts) $18.00

JULY 2010



2006 Chateau Doisy-Vedrines (Sauternes FR) NOSE: Lemon citrus, short bread, nutty  PALATE: Elegant, clean sweetness, deep dried apricot, Brazil/macadamia nut, cake dough, slightly soapy, great character, clean acidic finish  SUMMARY: mmmmmm so good (90.5 pts) $35.00

2007 Quails Gate “Optima” (BC) NOSE: Orange marmalade, sweet lemon, honey PALATE: Clean lemon citrus, fig, orange, apricot, honey, clean.  A little soft, but good fun sipper   SUMMARY: Nice (88.5 pts) $30.00

2008 Chartron la Fleur (FR)NOSE: Slightly green, full of minerality, shale, oyster shell, lemon rind PALATE: Fresh lemon lime acitidy, star fruit, and so much minerality, slightly briny, needs food SUMMARY: Pleasant Value (86 pts) $13.00

2007 Sumac Ridge “White Meritage” Black Sage (BC)NOSE: Green herbal, spinach, sour dough, fresh bread. Bright  PALATE: Bread, herbal, savory, creamy finish, clean minerality, good balance. SUMMARY: Good (88.5 pts) $25.00


2005 Chateua Roquetaillade La Grange “Graves” (FR) NOSE: Flint, sand, dirt, leather, ripe plum, tobacco leaf, slight black current. PALATE: Nice structure, big well integrated tannins, good balance, earthy, savory, tobacco, deep soft plums, light vegital radish. Very food friendly SUMMARY: Good Value (89.5 pts) $26.00

2006 Blackwood Lane “Referance” (BC) NOSE: Neat herbal earthiness, sweet cloves, sage and nutmeg. Bright black raspberry, black currents, slightly floral almost violet PALATE: Bright tart black fruits, cherries, currents and acidity. Slightly floral rose petal, (edible flowers) butterscotch, Interesting tart finish SUMMARY: Very Nice (93 pts) $89.00

JUNE 2010



2008 Black Hills Chardonnay (BC) NOSE: Fresh and bright fruit, baked pear cobbler, pineapple, mineral wet sand, savory apple  PALATE: Balanced and complete, fresh, honey, light creamy, pears and cake, tart clean lemon citrus finish. Pair with Greek food! SUMMARY: GREAT Quality $30.00


2009 Maipe “Malbec” (AG) NOSE: Bright fruit, tart raspberry, blueberry, purple fruit, hint of vegital radish  PALATE: BRIGHT fruit, black raspberry, tart blueberry.  SUMMARY: Approachable, not a lot of depth, fun sipper 87 pts ($15.00)

2009 The Show “Malbec” (AG) Californian wine company NOSE: Soft creamed blueberry, vanilla pastry, subtle earthyness (strawberry’s & dirt)  PALATE: Subtle sweetness, slight vanilla pastry, soft blueberry and dark berry’s, clean tart finish, good length, well integrated oak   SUMMARY: Satisfied whole palate Good+ 89pts ($20.00)

MAY 2010



2008 Domain Octavie “Touraine” Sauvignon Blanc (FR) From the Loire NOSE: Earthy aromatics, extremely fresh, crisp minerality. PALATE: Extremly fresh, great minerality, tropical fruit, honeydew melon, clean refreshing lemon (jolly rancher) finish, good length.  SUMMARY: GOOD Wine $20.00 Amazing value!


2007 Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) “Merlot” (US) NOSE: Bright red fruit, strawberry, raspberry, light cured meat, pretty simple  PALATE: Simple, slightly sweet, soft, stewed over baked fruit  SUMMARY: OK sipper (84 pts) $25.00

2007 Satisfaction “Napa Meritage” (US) NOSE: Big wine, Black fruit, black berries, black current, vanilla bean, dark chocolate  PALATE: Bright black fruit, well balanced, dark chocolate, nice tannic backbone SUMMARY: GOOD (89.5 pts) $45.00

2006 Relalte Vendimia Seleccionada (Tempranillo) (SP) Ribera del Deuro NOSE: Bright fresh black fruit, earthy, charcoal, cured meat, great depth and layers  PALATE: Bright, refreshing, clean ripe black fruit, earthy, licorice, savory and meaty. SUMMARY: So GOOD $28.00


2007 Quails Gate Riesling Ice Wine (BC) NOSE: Elegant dried apricot, icing sugar, Lemon Fresh  PALATE: Peach, apricot, lemon fresh finish, creamy, lemon meringue pie in a bottle, beautiful clean acidity SUMMARY: GREAT! Delicious, (94 pts) $35.00 200ml

2006 See Ya Later Ranch Ehrenfelser Ice Wine (BC) NOSE: Hint of brown sugar, slight floral, ripe figs, dried apricot, peach, over ripe pineapple PALATE: Peach, orange peal, and really ripe figs. SUMMARY: GOOD+ (very nice) (92 pts) $25.00 200ml

2007 Rollingdale Pinot Noir Ice Wine (BC) NOSE: Rhubarb, over ripe apples, Christmas cake  PALATE: apricot, sweet rhubarb, ripe strawberry, Christmas cake, decent acidity SUMMARY: GOOD+ yummy (93 pts) $69.00


APRIL 2010



2007 Sartori Di Verona “MARANI” (IT) 100% Partially dried Garganega grape, deep golden color NOSE: Honeydew melon, honey, pineapple, slight spice PALATE: Creamy mouth feel, honeydew, pineapple, some spice, lacking balance and acidity, ok length SUMMARY: OK, (84 pts) $21.00

2008 Hester Creek Pinot Blanc (BC) NOSE: Fresh, Very Aromatic. Stone fruit, apple, tropical fruit,  pineapple, great wet sand minerality.  PALATE: Green apple, slight tropical pineapple, with stone fruit, slightly creamy with bright, clean, fresh acidity.  SUMMARY: Good (88.5 pts) $16.09

2008 Strut “Well Heeled White” (BC) NOSE: Stone Fruit, peach, lychee, slight spice  PALATE: Stone fruit, lemon,  mineral, slightly sweet, kinda creamy, poor length, disjointed,  Alcohol too high.  SUMMARY: OK ‘ish (81 pts) $13.99


2008 Chat-en-Oeuf Rose’ (FR) NOSE: Bright strawberry, light maraschino cherry, slight savory spice  PALATE: Bright fresh and tart refreshing acidity, loads of red berries, hint of stone fruit, good minerality. Elegant flavors  SUMMARY: GOOD+ (88 pts) $13.99

2008 Torres “De Casta” Rose’ (SP) NOSE: Kinda reserved, strawberry, slight old word rubber, slight spice, pomegranate, soft red fruit.   PALATE: Slightly sparkly, hint of sweetness, soft red fruits, pomegranate.  SUMMARY: GOOD (87 pts) $12.99


2008 Saint Cosme Cotes-Du-Rhone (FR) 100% Syrah NOSE: Vegital and dirt, radishes, meaty farmer sausage, peppery, black licorice, barnyard funk, great layers PALATE: Radishes, red current, blackberry, sausage, white pepper. Allow to breath and enjoy with food. SUMMARY: Decent – Good, (87 pts) $20.00

2007 Arrowleaf Zweigelt (BC) Deep black inky purple. NOSE: Kinda tight. Black current, blackberry, blueberry, oak spice, slight licorice.  PALATE: Lacking Mid palate. Medium bodied, soft and smooth. Blue – Blackberry, white pepper, oak spice finish. Drink with BBQ.  SUMMARY: NICE EASY DRINKER (85.5 pts) $18.00

2006 Stonehill Zweigelt (BC)Clean light ruby red. NOSE: Slight plum, rubber hose funk, some raspberry.  PALATE: Lacking flavor, round plum, hint of raspberry, some green olive, slight oak spice finish with white pepper. Kinda Blaaa.  SUMMARY: IT’S WHATEVER (84 pts)$17.00

2008 Hester Creek Cabernet / Merlot (BC) Clean Ruby color NOSE: Black currents, plum, big thick black cherry, slightly vegital, hint of green bell pepper.  PALATE: Fruit forward, dark black fruit, black currents, savory pepper finish, not overly complex. Good wine for everybody.   SUMMARY: Good (86.5 pts) $16.09

2008 Strut “Red Over Heels”  (BC) Merlot. NOSE: Dark fruit, cherries, new Oak.  PALATE: Some black fruit and TOO MUCH OAK!!  SUMMARY: SUX! (68 pts) $13.99


MARCH 2010



2008 Domaine Jean Bousquet Cab Sauv. (AG) NOSE: Barnyard, smoked meat, bacon, black current, black raspberry.  PALATE: Tart red fruits, red current, black raspberry, some wooded spice, peppered finish, not great lenght  SUMMARY: DECENT (85 pts) $16.00

2007 Recline Ridge Marechal Foch (BC) NOSE: Gamey, green veg-ital, slightly stinky cabbage leaf, tart red wild berry. PALATE: Tart red fruit, green under-ripe raspberry, tart acidity, slight salt water, not much length SUMMARY: INTERESTING (84 pts) $19.00


2007 Jackson Triggs White Meritage (BC) NOSE: Tart lemon, fresh bread, white pepper  PALATE: Fresh lemon lime, creamy, white pepper, buttered bread, kinda simple one dimensional, a bit high alcohol on the length.  SUMMARY: OK (85.5 pts) $20.00

2007 Mission Hill SLC Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon (BC) NOSE: Elegant , Star fruit, white melon, white pepper, fresh bread  PALATE: Creamy, pear and melon, slight white pepper,  hint of lemon on the length, delicate, well balanced, clean soft acidity   SUMMARY:DECENT + (88.5 pts)

2007 MezzoMondo Pinot Grigio Chardonnay (IT) NOSE: Crisp lemon lime, apple, pineapple, pear, hint of barnyard funk like chicken fat or rubber hose.  PALATE: Soft and creamy with a clean acidity, melon, apple, lemon vanilla finish. Depth of layers  SUMMARY:DECENT+ VALUE (88 pts) $13.00

2009 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) NOSE: Lemon grass, lime, tropical fruit, papaya  PALATE: Tart lime, with a graceful lemongrass finish, great length  SUMMARY: GOOD (89 pts) $20.00

2008 Paul Mas Viognier (FR) NOSE: Elegant, very floral, lime, melon, hint of green olive and spice. PALATE: Balanced acidity, creamy, slightly oily green olive, honey, honey dew melon tart.  SUMMARY: REALLY NICE (87 pts) $13.00

2009 Cono Sur Viognier (CH) NOSE: Perfume floral, vanilla spice, honey, tropical. PALATE: Rounded fruit, honey, ripe melon cantaloupe, hint of banana, tart lemon acidity.  SUMMARY: NICE (86.5) $14.00

2009 Santa Julia Viognier (AG) NOSE: Honey, Beez wax, slight green chives, stone fruit apricot.  PALATE: Green fruit, under ripe kiwi, spice, alcohol slightly high not well integrated. SUMMARY: OK (85 pts) $15.00


Finlandia Vodka: Strong nail polish remover nose, hints of white starch and salt and vinegar. It has a nice bit of spice to it. Fairly smooth, not burning. Decent vodka.

Wyborowa Wodka: Hidden nose, a bit bland, mostly just tastes like alcohol slight vinegar. Not super smooth, burns a little. Use as a mixer

Zubrowka (Bison Grass) Wodka: Greenish hue in color. Soft mint, clean nose, lemon grass. Slightly sweet, a lot of flavor, slightly floral herbs ie: dandelion. light lemon. Super smooth, nice to drink. Serve chilled on Ice.





2008 Young & Wyse Merlot (BC) NOSE: Big ripe tart black cherries! Smokey charcoal, and cured meat or peperoni stick.  PALATE: Tart black cherries, Green bell pepper, spiced vanilla oak.  SUMMARY:DECENT, 88 pts, $20.00

2008 Heartland “Stickleback” Shiraz Cab. (AU) Dark Inky black red NOSE: Pepper, leather, big black fruits, plum, meaty PALATE: High alcohol, off balance, black berry jam, plum, sweet, goopy, hint of pepper SUMMARY: OK, 84.5 pts $15.00

2007 Angove’s “Chalk Hill Blue” Shiraz Cab. (AU) Elegant color NOSE: Barnyard, plum, black raspberry, light pepper  PALATE: Round plums, pepper, earth, black raspberry, good balance SUMMARY: DECENT Value 87pts, $7.00

2006 Sumac Ridge “Black Sage” Merlot (BC) NOSE: Red fruits, Dark cherry, Tobacco leaf cigar, dark chocolate, bell pepper,earth/dirt. PALATE: Balanced palate, black cherry, hint of pepper, coffee, softening tannins, decent length  SUMMARY: GOOD VALUE 89 pts $20.00

2007 Sterling Merlot (US) NOSE: Ripe Red fruit, hint veg-ital radish/beats, light pepper, vanilla oak  PALATE: Red currents, beats, slightly sharp tight tannins, poor length. SUMMARY: OK 86 pts $16.00

2008  Di Lenardo Merlot (IT) NOSE: Straw/blueberry syrup, barnyard manure, & sweaty shoe stink.  PALATE: Thin red cherry, and ever so slight radish veg-ital aspect, almost no length, kinda green and chalky, light alcohol integration.   SUMMARY: (Poor ) 81 pts $20.00

2007 Excelsior, Cabernet Sauvignon (ZA)NOSE: Plum, black current ,tobacco leaf, dirt, leather, pepper, gamey meat. PALATE: A bit thin, distant tannins, plum, kinda green and young chalky, pepper finish. SUMMARY: 86 pts (OK) $15.00

2007 Excelsior, Shiraz (ZA)NOSE: Deep Plum, meaty ground beef, vigital cabbage roll, bell pepper, and black pepper.  PALATE: Medium body, soft tannins, stewed plum, some black cherry, vegital pepper finish. SUMMARY: 87.5 pts (Decent/Good) $15.00

2006 Jackson Triggs “Proprietors Reserve” Meritage(BC) NOSE: Ripe black fruit, black berry jam, cherries, currents, pepper. PALATE: Fairly balanced, fading tight tannins, ripe fruit, tart black cherry, slight dark chocolate, plum finish. SUMMARY: DECENT 87.5 pts $20.00

2007 Red Rooster “Reserve” Meritage (BC) NOSE: Meaty, gamey, barnyard, dirt,  raspberry, brown sugar, pepper. PALATE: Well balanced, complete, clean, slight veg-ital, tart raspberry, gamey, leather earth, with slight cherry pepper on the finish. Terrior driven. SUMMARY: (GOOD) 90 pts $25.00


2008 Quails Gate Chenin Blanc (BC) NOSE: Honeydew melon, with pineapple, apple, lemon grass and a tiny, tiny hint of vanilla spice PALATE: Honeydew melon, grapefruit, and tart lemon acidity, food friendly. SUMMARY: Nice Wine, 89 pts, $18.99

2008 Grey Monk Gewurztraminer (BC) Stone fruit, tropical fruit, Mineral, Pineapple, classic pink grapefruit, slight rose petal and a balanced ginger acidity on the finish. slightly light mid palate, Nice length. (GOOD VALUE) 88pts $17.00

2008 Mt. Boucherie Gewurztraminer (BC) Tight nose, Lemon citrus, orange peal, peach. Palate, strong ginger spice, lemon citrus, pineapple, mineral. (OK) 86pts $16.00

2008 Arrowleaf “Solstice” Gewurztraminer (BC) Stone fruit, Peach, Pineapple, pear, and spice on the nose. On the palate, apricot, peach, grapefruit and ginger finish. (GOOD) 87.5pts $20.00


Summerhill Cipes Brut N/V (BC) NOSE: Apples, pears, and slightly nutty. PALATE: Apples, Pineapple, gentle acidity, soft creamy mousse texture, slightly fresh baked bread yeast. SUMMERY: Good fun sipper. (DECENT WINE) 87 pts $25.00

Summerhill Cipes Rose Brut N/V (BC) NOSE: Raspberry, bright red cherry, nutty, baked bread, slightly sweet. PALATE: Complete, smooth, elegant, strawberry, raspberry, slight peach, hint of spice, slightly sweet, good length. SUMMARY: (GOOD) 88.5 pts $30.00


St. Peter’s English Ale (UK) Pumpkin orange color NOSE: Orange Rind, butterscotch, bitter PALATE: Strange, slightly sweet, tart orange peel, bitter hops, very thin, no finish or length SUMMARY: (Interesting & Poor). $4.25

St. Peter’s Honey Porter (UK) Coffee color NOSE: Strange burnt honey, perfume, salted licorice   PALATE: Fake honey cinnamon, licorice, coffee, bitter finish, thin, no length  SUMMARY: (Interesting & Poor). $4.25

Howe Sound “Father John’s Winter Ale” (BC) Deep caramel Brown red color. Dark chocolate, licorice, coffee and nutty with bitter hops on the finish. I little unbalanced. (GOOD) 1L $7.00

Howe Sound “Nut Brown Rail Ale” (BC) Elegant orange light amber color, light caramel. Dried fruit, apricot, with a hint of Christmas cake spice on the finish. Slightly sweet. Yummy (GOOD) 1L $8.00





2006 Sumac Ridge (Black Sage) Cabernet Franc.(BC) With four years already under its belt, this cab franc is starting to show hints of age. Its color is a nice ruby red with an ever so slight garnet hue. On the nose it smells of ripe black cherries and tart black currents. Slightly vegital, bell pepper and some light radish. Also some light charcoal and pepper. It tastes of tart black currents, raspberry, and a hint of blueberry. A bit meaty and gamey, pepperony, with a nice peppered finish. The tannins would make great friends with the right food. Id pair this with a big peppered steak or lasagna. Great to drink now, but will continue to improve. (88.5 pts)

2005 Castillo de Almansa (Reserva).(SP) This Spanish old world blend of Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Garnacha has a good sence of place. The nose says bright black cherries, authentic barnyard, with a hint of mushroom and  black pepper. The pallet has nice black currents, with sour cherries, and some raisin, with a hint of dark chocolate. The tannis are softening and integrating nicely. Nicely balanced. Allow this one to breathe. (88 pts) $13.00 !!!

2007 Joseph Faiveley “Bourgogne.”(FR) Light ruby color. Barnyard, smoke, and meat with plums and white pepper. Light body, slight smooth tannins and delicate flavors. Red currents, raisin, rhubarb, tart acidity, cranberry. Pair with something mushroom based, or some hard cheese. A good rustic example of the old world. I like it! (90 pts) $19.00

2008 Cono Sur Pinot Noir.(BC) Ripe berries. Bright red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, plum and pepper. Medium bodied, sharpish tannins, some vanilla oak, a little unbalanced. On the pallet strawberry and raspberry jam with pepper. Not overly complex. (86.5 pts) $15.00

2008 MezzoMondo “Negroamaro Salento.”(IT) From Puglia (In he heel of Italy) a great value region. Interesting aromas of floral barnyard,beets, and black cherry pie.  Mmmm… It tastes like baked sour cherries and some pickled beets with a hint of meat. Balanced pallet with soft tannins and a clean lingering finish. (88.5 pts) $9.00 (WOW!)

2006 Sumac Ridge (Black Sage) Merlot.(BC) The age of this wine is just starting to show its true colors. Look for the slight garnet hue in your glass. Your nose will find the prunes, plums, and slightly baked black cherries. As well look for olives, and a slight smokeyness, with a hint of liccorice. To ad to that, taste the coffee with chocolate hints, along with some tobacco, a hint of dirty vanilla all finished by a slightly tart and bitter tannin. Drink now, or continue to age for several more years. Good value. BC (88pts) $20.00

2008 Therapy Pinot Noir.(BC) Dark black purple for a pinot….This wine carries itself with a medium body. Jammy black cherries, a hint of smoke and pepper. Also look for slight raspberry, and black currents. Fair amount of new oak, not over the top. Very new world, pinot (BC). (85 pts) $26.00

2006 Jackson Triggs “Esprit” Cabernet Merlot. (BC)Sweet blueberry’s, vanilla extract and ripe black fruit linger on the nose. Look for black raspberry’s dipped in dark chocolate on you palate. Nice acidity followed by slightly tight tannins, allow to breathe. (87 pts) $11.00

2006 D’Angelo Tempranillo (BC) Light/medium body. On the nose, is barnyard,ripe plum ,dark cherry, raspberry and spice. Plum, light radish, with a white pepper finish. Ready to drink now. $14.00

2006 Sandhill “Small lots” Sangiovese (BC) Medium body. Bright red fruit, berries and smoke on the nose. Raspberry, strawberry, and red cherries with a hint of sweet spice.  On the palate, look for the bright red fruit and cherries, follow by by that sweet spice, which reminds me of valentines day cinnamon hearts, on the finish. $30.00


2008 Black Widow Pinot Gris.(BC) Fermented mainly in stainless, with a small amount fermented in new french oak, done sur lee (left on the lees) Then blended. This pinot gris gives aromas of tart green apples (reminds me of Sun Ripe apple juice), pineapple, lemon lime citrus, with a hint of vanilla and spice. The oak as well as the acidity are well balanced giving it pleasant mouth feel. It has flavors of ripe green apples, lemon citrus, good minerality, and a creamy tart finish. Would go great with Creamy cheeses (ie. Brie), white cream pasta dishes, or anything made with chicken. (87 pts)

2007 Dopff & Irion “Crustaces.”(GER) A blend of Reisling and Silvaner from Alcase Germany. The nose on this one is very minerally, lemon zest,  and slightly floral with a hint of stone fruit. The pallet is soft with light acidity. I has notes of lime, kiwi, and a little stone fruit with a slight mineral finish. A bit soft, the acidity could show a little more and the mid pallet is a little blank. (86.5 pts) $12.00

2007 Red Rooster (Reserve) Gewurztraminer.(BC) This is not your typical Okanagon Gewurztraminer. Fresh tropical fruit, floral and lemon zest, with a hint of minerality on the nose. The slightly creamy texture, with a delicate sweetness, and a clean acidic finish, are accompanied by grapefruit, citrus peel, minerality, with a nice hint of spice throughout. (87 pts) $20.00

2008 Therapy Gewurztraminer.(BC) A fairly typical classic Okanagon gewurztraminer. Look to find pear, stone fruit, lychee, slight grapefruit and ginger. Fairly balanced acidity. A good sipper. Simple and classic. (86 pts) $20.00

2008 Jackson Triggs “Esprit” Sauvignon Blanc. (BC)Crisp apple, and sweet lemon cake citrus jump from the glass into your nose. On the palate, is crisp clean acidity, balanced with apples and lemon, with a long pineapple tropical fruit finish. (87 pts) $11.00

2006 Neck of the Woods “chardonnay.” (BC) Slightly sweet on the nose. Baked pears, slight apple, Vanilla, honey, and fresh pastry. Creamy sweet vanilla palate, with distinct baked pear cobbler taste, apple and hint of apricot. Balanced, with light citrus acidity on the finish. Good sipper. (87 pts) $14.00 decent value.

2007 Township 7 “chardonnay.” (BC) Classic tart green apple and pineapple with an interesting oak spice. Creamy palate, light acidity. Tart granny smith apple, pineapple with spice like turkey stuffing. Savory wine. Fairly high oak. Clean spiced finish. (87 pts) $20.00

2006 Mission Hill S.L.C “chardonnay.” (BC) Nose is a little tight. Pineapple, Citrus orange peal, oak spice, and green apple.  Smooth creamy palate, buttery, nutty, with bright tart green apples, and a tart lemon citrus finish. Well balanced with nice clean acidity.(88.5 pts) $25.00


2008 Seven Stone “Pinot Rose.”(BC) This  Rose has an elegant subtle color, slightly orange and pink.  The nose exibits tart strawberry and grapefruit, with a hint of something savory. The palate brings out the subtle sweet strawberry, tart lingering grapefruit, and some enjoyable foreign tropical fruits. It is tart and balanced with a hint of savory salt and a long finish. (88 pts) $19.00


2008 Paradise Ranch “Late Harvest” Merlot.(BC) Hear is good value for a treat. The nose exibits bright strawberry, peach, pear, light pineapple, and a hint of cinnamon spice. As I sip this, I can’t help but be reminded of a can of fruit coctail. I especially taste the hidden single cherry that they hide in that can. As well I taste a clean mix of stone fruit; Peach, pear, and pineapple. These are all complimented by a slight honey sweetness and a balanced acidity. Nice viscosity as well, not too goopy. (87 pts)


Williams & Humbert, “DRYSACK”(sherry).(SP) Here it is; Almond paste, fig, light walnut, caramel, brown sugar, and sweet bark. With that on the nose,why drink it? The palate shares a lot of similar traits. It is slightly creamy, balanced and smooth with nutty caramel coffee and a vanilla lightly salted almond finish. (88pts) $16.00

LUSTAU, “Dry Oloroso” (sherry).(SP) Maple syrup in color. Nutty sweet nose, brown sugar, creamed walnuts, and a hint of savory spice. Dried fruit, with a tart acidity on the palate, similar to an overripe almost spoiled orange. Quite savory, salted pstacio, barky, and slightly bitter. Slightly off balance. (87 pts) $20.00 “375ml”


Innis & Gunn (Original) A Scottish hand crafted, small batch, oak aged beer. The reason that this beer stands out to me is because it is aged in oak barrels. (kinda like wine) The producers of this beer discovered that aging their beer in old bourbon barrels imparted some very unique flavors. As for me, on the nose, I get some subtle vanilla, with a hint of butterscotch.  Some citrus notes, like burnt orange peel and pear. The palate is very smooth with a bit of walnut, vanilla, and some baked pear. The finish lingers so nicely, not bitter, but creamy and soft. Like I just ate my aunts famous pear cobbler.

Gulden Draak A strong Belgian beer, some call it barley wine. Mmmm….. Gulden Draak. Such an interesting beer. Everything from the packaging, to the color, this beer sits in my favorites. Having 10.5% Alcohol, this beer drinks so smooth. The color is even interesting. It reminds me of a dark chocolate, but the color is also almost burgundy. The nose on this beer consists of some very interesting aromas. I get dark toffee with a hint of melon, and some coffee cake. The palate is very rich, you can almost eat this beer but yet it is so smooth and creamy.  It has distinct individuality, toffee,  raisins and cinnamon with some light baked fruit all creamed together. It slides down with a nice warmth, and lingering finish.

Kelowna Pilsner.(BC) Clean light enjoyable pilsner. Balanced in the mouth, light flavor of hops, floral. Not too bitter, very smooth easy drinker. Great with a burger!