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(#140) Black Hills & Pre Celebrity Wine Fest!

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Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival

The Vinos (YouTube Channel)

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(#022) Blind Merlot Tasting….. "Sideways?"

Merlot is good! The movie Sideways did a bit of a number on it, So go buy some merlot! Read the note below the video after you watch it. I had to change things up a bit.

Wine is a crazy thing. After I finished the episode I was bothered by the Italian Merlot, so I allowed it to breath for a while and tasted it without the other wines (which were heavier bodied). I still don’t think that it is a very good wine but it is slightly better. For $20 there are a lot of wines that are much better value. I thought that it deserved a little better review. It does have some classic Italian notes etc. you can see the new review below.

See my written reviews below…

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