(#175) It’s About Time I’m Back ONLiNE . . . With Island Wine?

It has been far to long since the last time I released any content online. Things have been crazy busy but, I am back online. Watch this episode to see where I have been and to see some really great wines!

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7 thoughts on “(#175) It’s About Time I’m Back ONLiNE . . . With Island Wine?

  1. Rayna

    Hey Mike,
    Zanatta is the oldest winery on Vancouver Island. It’s been commercially around since 1989, same as Blue Grouse. Zanatta has been growing grapes and making wine for longer, just not selling it commercially. They call it Pinot Nero because they are Italian, and their wines are made in an Italian style.
    Glad you enjoyed the Blue Grouse Pinot Noir, 2006 is the current vintage, so there will still be some Pinot Noir released in the future that Hans (and his son Richard, now at Lang) made. The Blue Grouse PN spent only about 6 months in barrel, then in neutral oak for about 18 months, then 3 years in bottle before being released in July 2011. Hans believed that the best Pinots always needed time, and was lucky enough to not have to release the wine before it was ready.
    Good episode :)

    1. Mike N Post author

      Hey Rayna,

      Thanks for the info! I’m glad that you enjoyed the episode. You are definitely right about the timing on the Blue Grouse Pinot Noir. It sure is drinking nice right now. By far the Boldest of the bunch with tons of old world flair. I really appreciated what each of the Pinot’s had to offer. All such great quality!



  2. Spart

    Mike, welcome to the rock!

    Great episode, and looking forward to many more. If your ever in the Nanaimo area drop us a note, we would love to enjoy a bottle of wine with you. I am sure we have one in the cellar with your name on it.

    1. Mike N Post author

      Hey Sparty,

      Thanks for the welcome! I will definitely make a point of popping by when I am in the area. Shoot me an email of where I might find you and it is on!


  3. Janine

    Hi Mike,
    Welcome back on-line. Really enjoyed watching this episode and also your new Wine Coop Episode 2 Slide Show! Great Job.


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