(#174) Riesling from Summerhill Winery

Summerhill Winery in Kelowna BC, has a great reputation of being on the forefront of producing wines that truly speak for the ground they came from. They are certified organic and soon to be certified biodynamic. I am always stoked about whatever this winery is up too.

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2010 Summerhill, Riesling, BC (CA) SMELL: Classic German riesling nose, tons of great fruit, pears, peaches, white berries, pineapple, lemons and minerals. Well rounded aromas. TASTE: Balanced residual sweetness, with a nice balanced acidity, sweet pear & pineapple up front with a clean tart mineral driven lemon finish.  SUMMARY: GREAT+ ($20.00)

2 thoughts on “(#174) Riesling from Summerhill Winery

  1. Nigel

    Love hearing about Organic, and now Biodynamic, Wineries! These are the places I want to buy my wine from!!! As per your recommendation I checked out Summerhill’s blog to learn a bit more about what they are doing with biodynamics. Very interesting!

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