(#173) New Releases from River Stone Winery

We visited River Stone Winery last June and really enjoyed everything going on there. Now it’s time to taste some of their newest releases.

(#144) River Stone Winery

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2011 River Stone, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Pear, pineapple, green apple with green herbal Okanagan underbrush sage notes. TASTE: Apples and pineapple, savory herbal notes with a clean lemon citrus finish. Kinda reminds me of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($19.99)

2010 River Stone, Cabernet Franc, BC (CA) SMELL: Signature BC Cab Franc nose. Rich black cherries and currents, subtle hints of ground black pepper, hints of freshly ground coffee, with nice earthy green fresh vegital radish and sage aroma. TASTE: Strongly reflects the nose, big and bold, good balanced tannin, acid and fruit. SUMMARY: GREAT BC Cab Franc ($26.00)


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