(#171) The Wine Coop! & Some Great Value Wine

I am so STOKED to finally tell you all about our new wine making facility and studio for the show. Welcome to The Wine Coop. For more details about the project make sure that you check the new post in The Wine Adventures of Mike & Mike (MM#003) Introducing . . . The Wine Coop!

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2008 Celler Malondro, Besllum (SP) SMELL: Rustic old world meets new world. Bright cherries, red currents, fresh vine berries, raspberry and strawberry. Earthy, barnyard, floral, dirt, herbal, dank cellar smells. Rustic with tobacco leaf. TASTE: Super juicy with great structure. Bright acidity, bright berry flavors, fig, herbs, spices, and pepper. Ashy & smokey finish. Food friendly, pair with lamb. SUMMARY: GREAT & Great Value ($20.00)

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