(#168) Chardonnay From Chile

The 2012 Vancouver International Wine Festival featuring Chile is just around the corner. On today’s episode we try a couple of Chilean Chardonnays.

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2011 Cono Sur, (Organic)  Chardonnay (CL) SMELL: Smells like chardonnay, tropical, ripe apples, honey, pineapple, papaya. TASTE: Fruity, smooth, tasty, apple meets pineapple with hints of tropical flavors. Easy to drink.  Approachable. SUMMARY: Good ($15.00)

2010 De Martino, Legado Reserva, Chardonnay (CL) SMELL: Green aromas, granny smith apple. Ocean breeze over a sandy beach. Lime, slight asparagus. A lot of character. TASTE: Green apples, with butter lemon asparagus. Reminds me of a wet ocean beach. Super interesting! Pair with sea food. SUMMARY: Good ($18.00)

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