(#165) Movember & Sauvignon Blanc from Chile

Some of the best value in Chile is their white wines. Sauvignon Blanc in particular does really well in the cooler regions of Chile.

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2011 Caliterra, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Fruity, apple, pear, pineapple, savory minerals like limestone and gooseberries with fresh garden green pees. TASTE: Fun approachable and enjoyable, balanced fruit and acidity with savory flavors. Pear, green apple, white grape juice, gooseberry and slightly grassy. Finishes with really nice acidity. SUMMARY: GOOD ($13.00)

2011 Casillero Del Diablo, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Not all that aromatic, simple, hidden and tight. Apple, Pineapple, slightly grassy . . .   TASTE: Some apple and pineapple, a little goosberry and slightly grassy-ish. Disjointed clashing acidity and high alcohol. SUMMARY: (not good value) OK ($13.00)

2011 Santa Rita, Reserva, Sauvignon Blanc (CL) SMELL: Green and savory meets balanced fruit. Gooseberry, sweet green peas, grassy, slight chives, apples, pears, pineapple. TASTE: Savory and floral, dandelion, grassy, green bell pepper and chive balanced with apple, pear, pineapple and slight lemon. Great food friendly acidity. Pair with seafood. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($15.00)

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