(#164) Carmenere from Chile

Chile is a huge up and comer in the wine world. With their wine making practices improving and there prices remaining reasonable, be prepared for some great value wines from this part of South America.

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2007 Falernia, Carmenere, “Reserva” (CL) Grapes partially dried on the vines, crazy concentrated huge bodied wine. SMELL: Ripe huge black fruit, slight raisin or fig, slightly tart, tons of pepper and earth, slight vegital aromas, very juicy. BIG nose. TASTE: HOLY SMOKES! Huge full bodied wine, almost port-like. Bold, thick. Big black fruits, slightly peppered, slight green vegi flavors. Leathery tannins, great structure. Drink on a cold winter day.  SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($18.00)

2010 Emiliana ADOBE, Carmenere, “Reserva” (CL) SMELL: Great aromatics, delicate aromas, bright maraschino cherry, earthy, vegital, juicy, cranberry raspberry. Juicy wine. TASTE: Safe, approachable, juicy, refreshing acidity, well made, fun for all. Pair with almost anything.  SUMMARY: DECENT+ ($15.00)

2 thoughts on “(#164) Carmenere from Chile

  1. Spartacuswines

    Hey Mike,
    I was able to find the Falernia on the island. That was a nice find for 18 bones, keep up the hard work.


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