(#149) Gray Monk White Pinots

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2010 Gray Monk, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Herbal, sage, lemon peel, banana, ripe apple, ripe green tropical fruits, slight grapefruit. TASTE: Juicy wine, makes me want more, lemon with lime, hints of banana and grapefruit, slight peach. tart acidity and minerality. Balanced and approachable. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($17.00)

2010 Gray Monk, Pinot Auxerrois, BC (CA) SMELL: Interesting nose, lime and kiwi, sweet rhubarb, slight peach, a little floral, subtle hints of grassiness. TASTE: Light bodied, subtle and intricate. Juicy, lime and kiwi with honey. Slight lemon and melon, minerality and grassy on the finish. SUMMARY: GOOD & INTERESTING ($17.00)

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