(#148) David Scholefield & Some BS in the Garage

Episode #133 OK Crush Pad

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2010 Bartier ScholeField “BS” Rose. BC (CA) SMELL: Cranberry and pomegranate, hints of raspberry, slightly floral and peachy with hints of fresh watermelon. TASTE: Bright and Juicy, savory, pomegranate, slight peach and watermelon. hints of sage on finish. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

2010 Bartier ScholeField “BS” White. BC (CA) SMELL: Lemon zest, granny smith apple, sage, hints of pine and grapefruit. TASTE: Juicy, Granny smith apple, great mineral flavors, hints of peach and grapefruit, with some lemon and dandelion. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

One thought on “(#148) David Scholefield & Some BS in the Garage

  1. Mike R.

    A most enjoyable interview with David S., not to mention a most favourable review of our Pinot! Great episode. Can’t wait to be back hanging in the wine garage… bottling, labeling… heck, even scrubbing the inside of a barrel with a toothbrush!


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