(#145) White Wines from Laughing Stock Vineyards

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2010 Laughing Stock, Pinot Gris, BC (CA) SMELL: Green fruits, lime, kiwi, granny smith apple. Green apple jolly rancher. Subtle hints of green tropical fruits like under ripe banana. TASTE: Honey meets freshly picked green apple. Lime and kiwi. Great savory acidic backbone. Green banana on the finish. Tiny hint of sweetness. SUMMARY: GREAT ($20.00)

2010 Laughing Stock, Viognier, BC (CA) SMELL: Beautiful sweet floral notes, lilac. Honey dew melon. TASTE: Medium bodied, smooth and soft. Bright and tart entrance, and slightly sweet. Smooth and creamy through the mid palate. Honey dew melon, citrus like orange peel or grapefruit with a lilac floral finish.   SUMMARY: GOOD ($26.00)

2010 Laughing Stock “Blind Trust” BC (CA) SMELL: Citrus meets apple. Lemon zest and crisp red apple, hints of banana. TASTE: Bone dry, apple meets lemon citrus and hints of pineapple. A little bit of tropical notes banana, melon, and star fruit. Solid. SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($25.00)

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