(#139) Vista Doro Farms, Right Here In Langley!

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2009 Vista Doro, Marechel Foch. BC (CA) Crazy inky purple in color. SMELL: BIG FRUITS! Plum, black raspberry, black cherry, black fruit, vanilla bean. Coffee/toffee, subtle savory pepper.  TASTE: BIG JUICY WINE. Full of big black fruits! Plums, cherry liquor, blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry. FRUIT FORWARD.  SUMMARY: GOOD ($23.00)

2008 Vista Doro “Murphy’s Law.” BC (CA) Blend of Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. SMELL: So Savory, Roast beef, brambly blackberry, hint of blueberry, subtle black current, savory and peppered spice.  TASTE: Savory, great subtle fruit flavors, blackberry, cranberry meets red currents. Tart and balanced acidity. Food wine! SUMMARY: GOOD+ ($26.00)

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