(#138) The View Winery: Reds

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2008 The View, Pinotage, BC (CA) SMELL: Tart cranberry and raspberry, radish and celery stalks, subtle hints of weird funk.  TASTE: Bright tart racing wine, Cranberry and Raspberry cocktail, with a  green savory finish. Hint of dirty minerality.  SUMMARY: DECENT / INTERESTING ($20.00)

2009 The View “Red Shoe” BC (CA) Blend Merlot with Pinotage SMELL: Black cherry JAM! Some vanilla bean and oak spice. Subtle hints of cranberry and raspberry, hints of dirt.  TASTE: Super JUICY black cherry JAM! some cranberry, with vanilla bean oak and some nuttiness. Approachable, and unoffensive. SUMMARY: DECENT ($15.00)

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