(#136) Great Red Wines From Nichol Vineyards

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2008 Nichol Vineyards. Pinot Noir, BC (CA) SMELL: Whoa. . . Beautiful, floral, bright cherry, damp forest dirt, great minerality, slightly vegital, great red berry fruit, clean discrete oak.  TASTE: Clean, red berry’s vegital, dirt/earth, elegant mouth feel, nicely fresh tea structured finish. SUMMARY: GREAT! ($27.00)

2008 Nichol Vineyards, Syrah, BC (CA) SMELL: Floral, purple violets, blackberry’s, charcoal/ash, tons of fruit, purple plum, black bitter currents, pepper, and MEAT.  TASTE: Such balanced mouth feel, clean, purple fruit, with ash and farmer sausage meat, clean brambly tannins, loooong finish. SUMMARY: GREAT+ ($30.00)

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