(#101) Shotgun: Beronia, Rioja

See my written review below. . .

2005 Beronia Rioja, Reserva (ES) NOSE: dewy morning in the vegetable garden, radish, cranberry, cherry, rusty bucket, pepper, and antique shop. PALATE: Cranberry, grape, cherry, pepper, very savory, radish, raisin or fig, soft palate, perfect tannins. Great floral finish, old world in style.  SUMMARY: Great Wine! ($24.00)

One thought on “(#101) Shotgun: Beronia, Rioja

  1. anthony

    2005 Beronia Rioja Reserva:

    I enjoyed a bottle before seeing your’e review. I liked it so much I googled reviews of the wine and founds your web site.

    I’m checking out more of your videos.

    Just an FYI, I purchased in NJ for under $17.00.


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