8 thoughts on “(#100) Highlights of 2010 . . . . & bloopers

  1. Henry

    Awesome 100th episode. The bloopers were great! Your burp was perfect! I laughed at you laughing. How many takes to get the burp right?
    Regards, Henry

  2. Mike R.

    Congrats Mike! Can’t believe it’s been 100 episodes already. I nearly teared up during the roadtrip montage. Loved the blooper real too… so awesome.

  3. Brendan Irvine

    Great job on making it to 100.. not many people get to be that old. Loved the episode. I agree with the other Brendan. you need to do a top 10 imported beer show. You never put Mike and I in the interesting people montage. anyway.. see you soon.

    PS i just had some Howe Sound IPA… it was surprisingly good.



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