(#099) Tiny Bubbles . . . For New Years!

Opening sparkling wine with what????

See my written reviews below. . .

N/V Henkell Trocken “Dry Sec” (DE) NOSE: Bread Basket, granny smith apple, pistachio nut   PALATE: Dry in style, nice nuttiness, pistachio and walnut, grape juice, huge bubbles. SUMMARY: Decent, Typical.

N/V Freixenet Cava “Carta Navada”(ES) NOSE: Fresh cream, pear, hint of fresh bread. PALATE: Briney, medium bubbles, cream and apple pear. SUMMARY: Pretty Good.

N/V Martini Asti (IT) NOSE: Sweet, fresh cream, icing sugar, peach, papaya, slight appricot.  PALATE: Sweet, Peach, pear and appricot. Not a lot of bubbles.  SUMMARY: Simple and Fun

2009 Innocent Bystander “Moscato” (AU) NOSE: Beautiful, balanced sweetness, peach, strawberry, raspberry, cherry. Red fruits, and slightly floral. PALATE: Thin nice bubbles, tons of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, clean tart cranberry finish. Hint of tannin.  SUMMARY: So Good!

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