(#097) Baillie Grohman Wine.

Baillie Grohman is the newest winery in beautiful British Columbia! They are located in Creston.


See my written reviews below. . .

2009 Baillie Grohman, Pinot Gris (BC) NOSE: Classic to variety, apple, kiwi, honeydew, classic green fruits. PALATE: Slight spice, balanced, kiwi and honeydew melon, lemon citrus finish. SUMMARY: Solid ($21.99)

2009 Baillie Grohman, Gewurztraminer (BC) NOSE:Classic to variety, lychee, icing sugar, peach and starfruit / grapefruit.  PALATE: Hint of sweetnes, lychee, peach, quite floral, nice ginger finish. Lacking a hint of acidity. SUMMARY: Decent ($19.99)

2009 Baillie Grohman, Blanc De Noirs (BC) NOSE: Red berry medley, ripe strawberry, red current, raspberry, and watermelon. PALATE: Fairly sweet, berry medley, strawberry watermelon, soft, hint of spice. Pretty simple.  SUMMARY: Fun Simple Sipper ($19.99)

2009 Baillie Grohman, Pinot Noir (BC) NOSE: Hidden fruit, overshadowed by oak, vanilla, butterscotch, slight black current and pomegranate.  PALATE: Spice. . . Oak! Elegant oak flavors, kinda condescending on the pinot, some black current. SUMMARY: Ok ($24.99)

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