(#081) Bourgogne Blanc (White Burgundy)


See my written review below. . .

2009 Loron & Fils “Montvallon” Bourgogne Blanc (FR) NOSE: Great minerality, wet gravely limestone. Bright citrus acidity.  PALATE: Such good minerality, very fresh, lime/apple/pear, with a slight hint of bread dough, with a savory brine finesse. Pair with seafood, salad, blue cheese, goat cheese. SUMMERY: Very Nice (88.5 pts) $17.00

4 thoughts on “(#081) Bourgogne Blanc (White Burgundy)

  1. Mike Jones

    Got a bottle today ……………. Love it , Thanks PS I tell my kids , if you learn something new everyday your blessed

  2. Shea

    $700-$800 is unheard of for most high end burgundies. I would say more along the lines of $80-$250 for the top end whites. I think in a blind tasting you would notice the difference in quality :) . That said, there are great values out there as you have pointed out.


  3. Spartacuswines

    Hey thanks for the shout out Mike! Great look to the Garage. It looks like the BCL has 40blts in Parksville!! I may have to take a drive up for the 17 bucks… ;-)


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