(#043) Hester Creek … Field Trip



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2008 Hester Creek Pinot Blanc (BC) NOSE: Fresh, Very Aromatic. Stone fruit, apple, tropical fruit,  pineapple, great wet sand minerality.  PALATE: Green apple, slight tropical pineapple, with stone fruit, slightly creamy with bright, clean, fresh acidity.  SUMMERY: Good – Great (88.5 pts) $16.09

2008 Hester Creek Cabernet / Merlot (BC) Clean Ruby color NOSE: Black currents, plum, big thick black cherry, slightly vegital, hint of green bell pepper.  PALATE: Fruit forward, dark black fruit, black currents, savory pepper finish, not overly complex. Good wine for everybody.   SUMMERY: Good (86.5 pts) $16.09

One thought on “(#043) Hester Creek … Field Trip

  1. Jeannette


    I think you undersold Hester Creek a bit on this one. Rob (winemaker) has grown their wines leaps and bounds since his arrival in 2005 (I think it was ’05). The 2004 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – which I admit is one of my faves – won gold at international competition in France in 2007/2008; no small feat. Their Pinot Blanc consistently receives accolades each year – as does their Cabernet Franc Reserve and the rest of the line up.

    Rob is just starting to come into his own as a winemaker. It’s important to note Rob’s former work with Peller Estate: he’s now starting to blend the skill of consistency (found at larger wine producers) with the talent of crafting, and I think that’s a mark of good winemaking.

    Glad to see HC getting some kudos – they’re a hard working winery. Cheers!


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