(#009) Education "Food & Wine Pairing"

Food and wine pairing, does not have to be complicated! Watch as I get really excited talking about my favorite wine topic.


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2007 Dopff & Irion “Crustaces.”(GER) A blend of Riesling and Silvaner from Alcase Germany. The nose on this one is very minerally, lemon zest,  and slightly floral with a hint of stone fruit. The pallet is soft with light acidity. I has notes of lime, kiwi, and a little stone fruit with a slight mineral finish. A bit soft, the acidity could show a little more and the mid pallet is a little blank. (86.5 pts) $12.00

2008 MezzoMondo “Negroamaro Salento.”(IT) From Puglia (In he heel of Italy) a great value region. Interesting aromas of floral barnyard,beets, and black cherry pie.  Mmmm… It tastes like baked sour cherries and some pickled beets with a hint of meat. Balanced pallet with soft tannins and a clean lingering finish. (88.5 pts) $9.00 (WOW!)

Kelowna Pilsner.(BC) Clean light enjoyable pilsner. Balanced in the mouth, light flavor of hops, floral. Not too bitter, very smooth easy drinker. Great with a burger!

5 thoughts on “(#009) Education "Food & Wine Pairing"

  1. Sam Scarpari

    Hey Mike,
    Just watched your Wine & Food pairing ep. Great job – simple and concise information. Well done, and keep the shows coming. Cheers Sam

  2. Janine

    Hi Mike,
    Another interesting and fun episode! I’m planning on trying the wines you recommended. Decent tasting wines at a reasonable price – that sounds good to me. Thanks -Eva JN.

  3. Kristen

    Hi Mike,
    I’m not even really a wine drinker but your blog has made me very interested in wine! What kind of wine would you recommend for the newby wine drinker who doesn’t like anything too bitter?
    Thanks! – Kristen Bylenga

  4. Mike R.

    Nice work on this episode Mike. I like the change up at the end with the burger and beer! Just tried an interesting pairing… brandy and gingerbread cake! Not bad. The Torres Brandy has a nice molasses note that ties in great with the dark gingerbread flavour.

  5. Janine

    Hi Mike,
    I’m enjoying a glass of Mezzomondo Negroamara Salento while I rewatch this “old” episode. I agree with your evaluation – even if mine is 2009 but yours was 2008. Thanks for the recommendation.


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