(#185) Little Qualicum Cheeseworks & Mooberry Winery

We had a blast hanging out at Morning Star Farm, touring one of our favorite Vancouver Island cheese producers, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and their fantastic little fruit winery, Mooberry Winery.

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(#184) Pizzeria Prima Strada

In sticking with our current theme of exploring Italy, we figured that we needed feature some authentic southern Italian food. Pizzeria Prima Strada is a certified, authentic, Neapolitan and absolutely delicious pizzeria!

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(#183) Exploring Italy: Vermentino From Sardinia

Vermentino is a white grape variety originating in Sardinia, but is growing in popularity throughout several other warmer climate wine regions of the world. Continuing on with our current series, we taste a great example of Sardinian Vermentino.

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(#180) BC’s Liquor Board At It AGAIN!

BC Liquor Licensing Branch shuts down a local charitable wine auction.

Leave me some comments on this after you read the articles, I really want to know what you think?

(The Article from the Belfry Theater’s website)

(The Article from Vic News.com)

(Mark Hicken’s Website WineLaw.ca)

(This is a great follow up article from Vic News.com)

(An article by The Province on a temporary fix)

(A great educational resource for you: Modernize Wine)

(A great educational resource for you: Free The Wine)

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(#179) Exploring Italy: Red Wine From Sicily

I’m stoked to start a new series exploring the wines of Italy. Italy has so many random grape varieties that I am excited to discover together with you. On this episode we start with a great red blend from Sicily

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(#176) Island Pinot Gris

Two wine varieties that have truly stood the test of time on Vancouver Island are, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. In this episode I highlight two great Pinot Gris from two different regions on the island. As well as a local artisan cheese producer.

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